Arrest Warrant Kern County 2013

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Arrest Warrant Kern County
Kern County Sheriff's Office: Man with zipper tattoo at large

The Kern County Sheriff's Office is asking the public's assistance inside acquiring a parolee at big that is a authorized sex offender. Officials mentioned a warrant was issued for the parolee, Robert Phillips, arrest about May 14. He has a past conviction for …
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active arrest warrents.

Answer by idontkno
call the authorities station

Answer by motocrossbubba13
what we do is discover the authorities departments url plus there ought to be a link for warrant or files

Answer by mikeysco
The 1 plus just answer for this query is this:

Call some of the Kern County courts. It’s public info there, plus offered you are able to sufficiently identify the individual you’re looking the info regarding, you need to do not have difficulty getting it.

And it’s warrant, not warrent.