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(PRWEB) February 15, 2003


-That fugitive healing agents apprehend 78% of fugitives from justice inside the U.S.?

-That fugitive healing agents really have more arrest authority than authorities plus will transport prisoners over state lines without extradition plus enter a house without a warrant?

-That over 13,000 fugitive healing agents work inside the U.S. plus produced over 52,000 arrests last year?

-That anybody is a fugitive healing agent with no before law enforcement or military experience?

Fugitive healing agents (sometimes known because bail enforcement agents or “bounty hunters”) are the most significant weapons inside law enforcements’ arsenal inside the fight against crime. Yet these devoted people function inside the background with small acclaim plus are frequently portrayed inside an inaccurate light.

SCOTT OLSON, among the nations’ top fugitive healing agents plus director of the National Institute of Bail Enforcement, the first industry organization inside the nation, is accessible to tell the true story of what it’s like to function inside this exciting plus growing field. Scott has over 15 years experience inside the military, executive security, private research plus bail enforcement. Scott could answer these concerns plus more:

-What techniques, resources plus techniques do fugitive healing agents utilize to apprehend fugitives?

-Can agents truly carry weapons plus enter homes without a warrant, plus beneath what authority do they work?

-Can agents cross state plus nationwide borders plus bring a fugitive back without extradition?

-How could a individual commence their own company because a fugitive healing agent, how much income may they create, plus what kind of individual is lucrative inside this field?

-How do the authorities as well as the courts reply for this industry?

The answers to these issues usually surprise we. And ideal of all, Scott usually entertain plus amuse a listeners with his true-to-life individual anecdotes of experiences inside the field. Scott has been acknowledged to root by garbage dumpsters, sit inside trees, hang out inside biker bars plus break houses plus invest lengthy hours about surveillance inside pursuit of fugitives. He has posed because a worried relative, delivery individual, repairman, sweepstakes representative along with a homeless individual. Trickery, deception as well as the phone are the best tools of his trade. He states the existence of the pro bounty hunter is 93% boredom plus 3% sheer terror.

To book an interview with Scott Olson contact:

Bob Price – Patriot PR Inc.


3120 Carmel Ridge Ln.

Morgantown, Indiana 46160