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now which she is beneath hospital arrest? can she be capable to locate a technique out? what are her choices? might Pnoy actually hire foreign physicians from abroad? whom pays for the physicians cost? what’s the difference between GMA plus Ping Lacson before inside the case of exiting the nation both with warrants of arrest?

Answer by inday
She has to employ her own airplane or jet airplane.

Ping Lacson’s case is absolutely shut. NO COMMENT.

Answer by Enigma
I don’t think she can leave the nation when she is beneath arrest plus her passport has been confiscated. Further, foreign governments can have been provided see which GMA is today considered a “persona non grata” by her native nation plus consequently, should not be enabled entry. However, could her practitioners determine she requires health expertise not obtainable in the Philippines, she can request it by the embassy of which nation. (This, from a non-lawyer plus immigration expert).

Answer by Mark