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arrest warrant for queen elizabeth

I have an essay for English and it has to do with Romeo and Juliet. I need to have integrate the track record of England during that time. I began on some inquiries to help myself get an notion of what I want to write about. It truly is fundamentally the basis of my essay.

What have been some troubles that she faced in the course of this era? Why is this interval of time, the Elizabethan Era, significant to Romeo&Juliet and in English history?

Any assist will be pretty 🙂 With resources would be wonderful. Thanks!

Solution by Louise C
Spiritual divison was a key problem. At the commencing of her reign, some of England was nonetheless Catholic, and some was Protestant, and Elizabeth tried to generate a spiritual settlement that would be a compromise between catholicism and the more severe Protestants, . She disliked extremism in either route. Her religious settlement was not specifically well-known at 1st, since it did not satisfy either Catholics or the far more strict Protestant groups like the Puritans, but by the stop of her reign it had grow to be totally accepted by most individuals.

There was tension with Catholic Europe, especially with the powerful Spanish empire, which sooner or later resulted in the Spanish Armada. and following 1570, the Pope introduced that Elizabeth was exommunicated and that it was not a criminal offense to assassinate her. This led to harsher laws towards Catholics in England.

She experienced to cope with obtaining Mary, Queen of Scots beneath home arrest for 19 many years. Mary was a focus for Catholic plots, and her presence in England developed a whole lot of rigidity, but Elizabeth did not want to have her executed, she didn’t like Mary, but felt it would be wrong to execute an annointed queen. Ultimately, following Mary’s involvement in a serious plot to destroy Elizabeth was uncovered, and after much anguish, she signed Mary’s loss of life warrant, but regretted it nearly right away. She actually hated the notion of a monarch getting executed.

In the afterwards many years of her reign in certain, the economic problems in England acquired much worse, there was climbing unemployment, and a lot more and much more individuals without having work or properties. The Poor Regulations had been produced to consider and offer with the increasing quantity of inadequate people.