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Court records: Von Miller has unresolved speeding ticket

However it merely the newest bad headline for Miller because he started appealing his NFL suspension inside late July. First, he was arrested about a warrant for failing to appear inside an Arapahoe County, Colo., courtroom about an October 2012 traffic ticket. Miller was …
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application for arrest warrant

If we were arrested inside school for possession of marijuana what will be the procedures taken from whenever we were arrested to the trial?

Answer by Citicop
You will be handcuffed, taken to the station, booked, interviewed, plus introduced (either with a summons to go to courtroom, about bond, or pending application of warrants).

Next you’d go to courtroom for the arraignment, plus you’d plead either guilty or not guilty.

Should you plead guilty, then you’d possibly receive sentenced right there (a fine, probation, jail, etc.).

Should you plead not guilty, then they provide we a trial date, plus we return for the trial.

Answer by fieonthee183
Depends about what state you’re inside…inside NY you’d just be issued an appearance ticket considering you can’t take bail about easy possession of marihuana. Other than which, the procedures are the same because the past poster.

Answer by kenneth
1. Handcuffed

2. Put inside the backseat of the authorities vehicle

3. Put in a dirty small mobile

4. Parents are called

5. Released or place back to mobile till appear inside courtroom

6. Trial

7. Sentence