What Does Grand Jury Arrest Warrant Mean

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If arrested on suspicion of a felony murder, what is the process once a suspect is taken into custody? What exactly happens at booking? Is a suspect taken to the county jail to await appearance before a judge? Can someone please explain how all this works?

Answer by leslie S
I can only tell you how my city/county handle it. Other places other exact procedures differ. The following is basic and every case is different.
After arrest the guy is taken to a district lockup for photos and fingerprinting. To do this the arresting officer writes up an arrest report outlining his probable cause for the arrest. The report is reviewed by the watch commander and if Ok’ed the guy is taken to the lockup for the booking process. He is not yet charged with the crime. In the lockup he is fingerprinted and photographed. He is then usually turned over to detectives. The detectives gather all the current evidence up and contact the prosecutors office. They request charges from the prosecutor laying out their evidence. Before charging the prosecutors office interviews everyone, including the arrestee. Then prosecutor decides if charges are appropriate. If the prosecutor does not approve charges but directs the detectives to do something else the bad guy is held either in an interview room or in the local lockup for up to 24 hours or 72 hours with independent approval of the original probable cause. If in that time they satisfy the prosecutors office the prosecutor places charges. If not approved he is released without charging. In all homicide cases the prosecutors office has the final say on charging.
So now he is charged. In the time this took his prints have cleared, meaning he does not have any warrants etc. so he can go to court. Before the next court call he is turned over to the sheriffs office for housing in the county jail. He is scheduled to see the central preliminary felony judge that afternoon. The prosecutors office may take the case to the sitting grand jury in the AM and get an indictment or plead the case in front of the judge for a judicial finding of probable cause in the afternoon. GJ find no bill or judge finds no probable cause he is let go.
After the indictment or the finding he is held in the county jail for bonding or trial. Felony murder ( a homicide committed while committing another felony) in my state is the worst and normally has no bond.