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I’m in a state of shock. I’m on vacation out of state and just received a call from a family member saying the State Police came to my home with a warrant to arrest me. I’ll be returning home in 2 days. Where do I go to I guess turn myself in? The courthouse? Police Station? I’m totally lost! What can I expect to happen after arrest? I’m a single unemployed mom with a young child and absolutely no way to pay for bail or fines.

Answer by MacJedi
First of all, don’t wait two days to take care of this. Under Michigan law, as soon as you know there’s a warrant for your arrest, you can be considered a fugitive fleeing the jurisdiction, and any state or federal government benefits you may have can be stopped.

Call Michigan legal aid TODAY. Get a lawyer and have that lawyer notify the state that you will satisfy the warrant.

Your lawyer will help answer the rest of your questions, but GET A LAWYER.