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I reside inside maryland plus got many tickets inside march inside pennsylvania. I lost the tickets yet finally found them. I really got a letter inside the send suggesting there’s a warrant for my arrest. I’m functioning about getting it fixed plus is paying the tickets, yet desired to recognize how from state warrants function. If I got arrested might I receive transferred to Pennsylvania or might they really take me to Maryland state authorities? Additionally what arises should you are arrested for it? My tickets were for going 71.25 about a 45, wreckless driving, failing to employ a turn signal plus evading responding officer. I don’t want criticism about what I did was stupid plus incorrect considering I understand which plus we don’t learn the entire story. It’s only anything I would want to recognize. Any alternative guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thank we 🙂

Answer by worrier
Most states, specifically Maryland plus Pennsylvania, share info. Should you are pulled over or go to renew a license inside Maryland plus have warrants out for the arrest inside Pennsylvania, you are arrested.

You should contact the destination we got the tickets plus arrange to pay them.