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I got a driving about suspended which i missed courtroom for inside outcome of which I have a bench warrant for my arrest. I missed courtroom considering I moved from state plus was unable to create it to my courtroom date considering my daughter was ill. Needless to state I recognize I have to turn me inside plus merely receive it taken care of nevertheless being a single mother I was waiting till I got my taxes return thus I will be certain I had enough cash merely just in case they gave me a bail. I simply got a letter inside the send which the state of Maryland was withholding my state return due to this warrant. My query is may they equally hold my federal return to?

Answer by Jodi Needham
I am not an expert yet I am going to state no. I have been inside a synonymous condition plus recieved my federal return because expected. For years I had a warrant I didnt recognize regarding inside another state. It had no impact on my return.