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Local arrest has ties to lost Georgia man

Mason County Attorney John Estill mentioned his workplace dismissed the charge against Fite Wednesday, whenever the Georgia warrant for arrest was served inside Mason District Court for a more severe charge of theft if you take engine car, that carries a penalty of …
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I have a easy power charge/warrant. I like to clear it up. I might only like to understand what exactly is the number one date plus time to turn me into the jail thus which I am NOT inside jail for a number of days I merely wish To see the magistrate for bond judge because shortly because potential whenever could I turn me inside? I’m speaking especially regarding Dekalb County Georgia

Answer by Vizzini
10 PM about Christmas Eve

Answer by 7againstThebes
Early inside your day, plus NOT about Thursday or Friday, or you’ll be sitting inside carrying waiting for arraignment over the weekend.

Answer by Mr.R
It is Thursday evening 12 PM is day turn in about an arrest.