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Arrests, warrants inside bag theft case at LA airport

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Police state they are serving over 2 dozen look warrants plus creating numerous arrests because piece of the months-long research into baggage theft at Los Angeles International Airport. Assistant Chief Michael Hyams of the airport …
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What do they ask for plus do they harass u? I utilize my motorists license to receive by…never have moved by…always about auto…might they scan my motorists license whenever i walk by…i ask cause i have a warrant for my arrest…tickets!! jajajajjajajj

Answer by pricetravel
You require a birth certificate today, not only a motorists liscence. We could receive into Mexico without it, nevertheless you’ll have a condition getting house.

We not understand what they may ask.

Answer by littleangelbair
I don’t remember them ever running the license even so they might check it to ensure we reside inside the U.S. I believe which today you’ll furthermore require a passport even to go to T.J. So we may like to call the passport department about a location. Usually post offices usually have a department for passports.

Answer by davidmi711
Don’t wish To receive arrested at the edge? Don’t cross the edge. Be an adult plus take care of the issues.