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Sudanese rebels check out ICC premises

The rebels further regretted the non-arrest of president Omer Al-Bashir in spite of the warrants issued against expressing this not-arrest encourages him commit far more atrocities and crimes as it was the circumstance for the duration of the bloody repression of protesters last …
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That would be historic — the very first time the court has named for the arrest of a sitting head of condition (Omar Hassan al-Bashir).
Been there–it really is the 1st time a standing head of condition would be arrested whilst in place of work in heritage. That is the definition of historic.

Response by Been There
I feel I will go in advance and wager that my cat (which is male) will have give birth to a little one condor before anything at all comes of this. And it really is not historic … you just observe too a lot CNN.

Solution by Robert Z
I oppose the genocide in Sudan, but I have a issue when personal corporations like the International Legal Court come to feel they have the authority to commence labeling heads of state as ‘criminals’ and placing out warrants on their heads.

This is a hazardous idea to place ahead, that a non-public group like the ICC (whose legitimacy is brazenly rejected by several international locations, which includes the United States) can at its discretion claim authority above those who have not consented to be ruled by it. It is undemocratic, a violation of republicanism, and a threat to the peace need to they ever problem an order in opposition to the leader of a significant energy. The US government signed a bill into legislation many many years again which was labeled by its opponents as the “Hague Invasion Act” which licensed army motion against the ICC if it tried to detain American staff or leadership on accusations of war crimes.

Solution by RomeoMike
Oh! this is the most fantastic factor that the ICC has completed however.

I am heading down to the break area and observe CNN to see President Bashir get handcuffed and loaded on an plane to the Hague for his trail and imprisonment.