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LMPD: Louisville girl arrested following threatening President Obama

According to the arrest warrant, Tammy K. Wadley, age 27, was at the Heine Brothers' Espresso shop on Bardstown Rd., in close proximity to the Watterson Expressway, on Thursday just ahead of one p.m., when she allegedly began producing feedback about blowing up the developing&nbsp…
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obama arrest warrant

Wouldn’t that be an wonderful court docket situation ?

Response by Boing
ha ha ha! obama may be smart to steer obvious of az when he campaigns again.

Reply by T
no it would utterly dumb and a waste of time which would trigger her to resign and dedicate herself to a psychological establishment…..


Response by R8derMike
The response is no.
Very first, he is not a illegal immigrant residing in AZ.
2nd, he is a natural born citizen of the Usa.
3rd, I don’t feel she would want to be related with birthers.

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