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Houston, Texas (PRWEB) July 22, 2014

For those in need of assistance in Houston, Texas, OK Bail Bonds is offering new and easier steps for families or friends to take in order to get their loved ones out of jail quickly, with little to no hassle, prompt service, and excellent customer and client care. Experienced agents are employed by OK Bail Bonds, ready and willing to travel to various locations to help their clients. In addition, payment plans are easy and flexible, as agents realize many people do not plan for this type of situation. OK Bail Bonds has announced new steps to take for those needing the help of a bail bonds company.

The bail bond process can be a little tricky, both for those familiar with it and for those experiencing it for the first time. Once someone has been arrested for a crime and placed in jail, a judge will set bail. The person in jail must offer coverage in collateral of some kind in order to be released. OK Bail Bonds have several different services available which cover different types of bail and payment arrangements. Those seeking bail may contact family members to secure a bond, or may arrange for it themselves, depending on the type of bail and circumstances.

Family members seeking a bail bond may now contact OK Bail Bonds via a contact form on their website, or by calling the office directly. They may also help supply bond-seekers with advice on reducing the interest that may be charged with other financing options.

Usually, bail bond companies are sought out to help cover the cost, as many individuals are unable to pay on their own. The person in jail is required to pay a percentage of their bail to the bond company, who in turn pays for the release in full. A court date is set, and for he or she is expected to attend or risk bail being revoked. Once released, it is very important to attend the appointed court date, or a warrant will be issued, pending another arrest.

About OK Bail Bonds

Located in Houston, Texas, OK Bail Bonds is dedicated to helping men and women post bail for themselves or for loved ones. They work with a variety of types of charges, including felonies, assault, traffic violations, ticketing, DWI, DUI, criminal charges, possession, misdemeanors, and much more. Willing to travel outside the office for the convenience of their clients, customer care is a top priority. OK Bail Bonds employs experienced agents, affordable prices, and invaluable aid. For more information, call them at (713) 477-5400 or visit their on-site staff in person at 1710 Southmore Ave, Pasadena, TX.