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I not too long ago recieved a dashing ticket in Mississippi while driving back again to Kentucky. I know that some states do not have reciprocal reporting of tickets. My query is, can I overlook the mississippi ticket? If so, does it indicate I can not be caught in mississippi again, or what will come about. Also my ticket would have expense about one hundred forty in KY but theres no list of fines for the MS ticket, I have to get in touch with a person who’s in no way in… any thought what it is?

Reply by Russ S
you will have to get in touch with the condition the ticket was issued in, and if it does not get paid mississippi will have kentuky pull your license, it may consider a even though but it will come about.

Reply by Dispatch1
You will have to figure out which county you have been in when you acquired the ticket (unless of course it was presented by a municipality, then just speak to city corridor ), and then make contact with the courthouse there and request what the charge is if it isn’t detailed on the ticket anyplace. If you don’t spend the ticket, there will be a warrant issued for your arrest. Based on the agency this could or may possibly not be entered into a nationwide database. If it is, then the next time your license is operate by an officer the warrant will present up and you could or might not be arrested dependent on whether or not that company wants to extradite. If the agency will not enter the warrant nationwide, and if you occur to go through that spot once again in the long term and are stopped you will almost certainly be arrested. I would advise you go to the trouble to discover out what the fine is and get it taken treatment of.

Reply by Pesty Wadoo
I could be mistaken but I feel that in this working day and age primarily all if not all states do reciprocal reporting of tickets. I would just spend the issue as well and be completed with it. Who needs the problem???