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Arrest Warrant Washington State

My husband was wrongfully detained and incarcerated for 3 days. The transferring corrections facility finally checked his fingerprints and verified they didn’t match those associated with the actual warrant and released him right away. They advised us to take the letter they produced stating the mix up and go after the arresting officer, his department and the initial corrections facility. How do I do that? Can the ADA help us out? Do I get an attorney? How long will it take? How much will it cost us? What details will I need to get started?

Answer by Truthseeker
False imprisonment, emotional distress are some of the claims you can file under. If the authorities were federal the lawsuit is filed under the Federal Torts claims Act. You will have to show negligence on part of the authorities whether state or federal. Sometimes ACLU helps in situations like these; his civil rights were violated.

Answer by deonejuan
Any attorney will offer an initial consultation, usually over the phone. A tort generally requires a retainer from you to begin the proceedings. A typical attorney offer is $ 8,000 to $ 20,000 plus expenses, plus billable hours. Good luck.

Answer by Phil R
You definitely need an attorney. The ADA (assuming you mean Assistant District Attorney) cannot assist you, it would be a conflict of interest.

Your husband has a tort claim against the city and/or officers who arrested him for false arrest and false imprisonment. You didn’t indicate what state you are in, so therefore, I can’t advise you further.

Some attorneys will represent you based on a contingency fee. This means the attorney gets paid a percentage of any settlement. Some attorneys will require a retainer up front, which is an estimate of their billable hours. You will also be required to pay expenses, such as the cost of a filing fee, any deposition costs, etc.

A torts lawsuit can be settled in weeks, or it can take years to wind through the court system, there is no way to tell.

For a referral, contact your local or state bar association.