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Daily News Report

Armando Gutierrez, 37, of the 1000 block of Utah Avenue, was arrested on a 12th Judicial District Court warrant for alleged failure to appear. Gutierrez was jailed at the Otero County Detention Center on a no-bond hold pending his appearance in court.
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My friend got a bench warrant issued in June for failure to comply with their probation. Now its almost September and they have still yet to take care of this and see a judge and their not taking it very seriously at all. Can they come arrest you on a bench warrant if you ignore it for too long or do they just wait until they catch you, like during a traffic violation?

Answer by xu
Sure, you can ignore them. And when the police find you, they can arrest you.

Answer by John Smith
wait for a pig to catch them

Answer by Clesta
No it the law they to take care of it or one day it will catch up with then when they least expect it.