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367 pit bulls seized in dog fighting bust

Federal, state and local officials simultaneously served search warrants Friday to make arrests and seize dogs in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. Coffee County Sheriff David Sutton said the dogs at one Elba home were covered by fleas and were secured …
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Hello all. I am currently working on my major in Political Science. Last year I found out I had an arrest warrant in another city due to speeding, I did”t know I had received a ticket. Well by the time I paid it off I had been served with an arrest warrant. I’m just wondering if these are the type of things that would affect my eligibility to join the Foreign Service after collage.

Answer by Burt C
A Warrant is an order of arrest…If you have already taking care of the ticket and the warrant has been served or dismissed, You should have no problem….
Warrants are not part of criminal records, specially when they are traffic violations.

Answer by Morgan R
Yes, It could affect the selection they make. And yes, it will show on your record if it was entered into the database ( and it would be if it went to warrant) Most people do not know, unless they have law enforcement experience , that the NCIS /NCIC record shows EVERYTHING, even if you have been a reporting party in a crime. It will show the charge the amended charges, the dates of all entries, the disposition and the conviction and sentence.
You need to have a short essay of explanation specifically why you let it go to warrant. Candor and honesty are paramount. If you proceed as if they already know everything about you, and you are candid about any mistakes you made; the preemptive strike is the best for any sensitive federal service.

good luck

Answer by Diana you’ll find out any and everything you need/ want to know about laws has listing of all us codes