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Arrest Warrant Nh
Police say Derry male paid underage women for sex

Raymond Black, sixty, of 110 Chases Grove Street, turned himself in to police and was arrested Thursday soon after becoming notified of a warrant, in accordance to a news release. Black is billed with: one depend of aggravated felonious sexual assault, a class A felony …
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he has been pulled above in Nh but the warrant has by no means revealed up – will it? and what will take place? He was arrested for DUI and that was what he was on probation for. he also has a warrant outstanding in Mass but that never ever displays up possibly? why?

Reply by Moot – Heathen Male (HM)
Heck, he could turn into president of the US with a resume like that.

Answer by Cub Admirer
Get a new boyfriend , correct now you have a bum…..I wager he wears his hat sideways as well…

Answer by italienne
Simply because the states are not openly hunting for him. Get a new boyfriend, it’s just a matter of time before he gets yet another warrant.