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CAR facing competing security challenges

LRA leader Joseph Kony is the target of a 2005 arrest warrant by the International Criminal Court. His militant group is suspected of conscripting child soldiers and using girls as sex slaves. Seleka toppled the government in CAR in March, forcing …

in 2003/2004 M7 sat next to #Ocampo and pleaded him to issue arrest warrant for #Kony, 10 yrs latter, mkes a U Turn!
arrest warrant kony

Do you even know what is going on over there? Children being abducted, forced to kill there own family, be forced into sex slavery? This must end. How??

Answer by musiu_2001
1. A first start, for you, would be learning to spell the name of the country correctly.

2. It’s the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) that is the big problem for Uganda. The International Criminal Court issued arrest warrants in 2005 against LRA leader Joseph Kony, his deputy Vincent Otti, and LRA commanders Raska Lukwiya, Okot Odiambo and Dominic Ongwen. In June 2006, Interpol issued five wanted person red notices to 184 countries on behalf of the ICC. You can read more about the atrocities performed by this insurgent guerrilla army at the following webpages.