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Houston guy held about child endangerment charge

•Justin A. Canfield, 20, of 811 Dooley Street inside Houston, was arrested June 12 for having an active Texas County felony warrant for first-degree endangering the welfare of the child. An officer that knew of the warrant arrested Canfield following watching …
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My mom discovered which there is an arrest warrant issued inside her name for possession of drug paraphernalia. The incident happened inside Austin, Texas (my mom lives inside Houston,Texas) inside October 2004. We are struggling to find evidence which she wasn’t inside Austin throughout this time. We are confident you could discover anything, nevertheless it is actually costing her $ 750 to hire a attorney as well as the ticket itself is $ 496 (and a unlawful record for anything she didn’t do). My query is, when you could confirm my mom innocent, how may you recoup the cash? A reduction of $ 750 is big for the family plus you feel it’s incorrect which the government’s mistake has to expense you funds. Paying the ticket plus having a unlawful record is not a choice because my mom is striving to locate a job today. Do you think it’s value suing over?

Answer by mr dance moves
First you’ll need to go to courtroom for this when its a warrant, plus then you are able to speak to a judge. Warrants equal standing front of the judge as well as the pros presents their case, inside that you request a jury panel by a lot of days (theres a dead line to that). In the finish they need to confirm beyond a fair question we were there. And inside those cases they often have witnesses when its about drugs. If you have a attorney result in the prosecution turn over all their info (its the law too). We must learn what the prosecution knows.

Answer by odzookers
You can’t sue the government, very the Texas government, for stupid errors. Why hire a attorney for evidence YOU need to discover anyway? Go to a legal clinic–they’re cheaper plus may tell we what to do inside the case of mistaken identity. It can be as basic because proving there’s somebody inside Austin along with her name. Does the warrant specify kind of ID? Does the quantity not match hers? THINK!!!