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Arrest Warrant Houston Texas

My P.O. told me at the last meeting which she could need to write me up for a violation due to a failed drug test. Its nevertheless up inside the air when shes going to or not. What im thinking is when she does write me up, may i receive a call from her telling me whats going on because it arises? Or do i need to wait until the upcoming meeting for her to tell me inside individual? Im absolutely nervous plus would want to understand when i have anything to actually worry about.

Answer by charlsyeh
when a individual is pl;aced about probation they are provided a list of details they could plus cannot is simple.when we do among the elements you are not expected to do then we violate the probastion
i think you’re just a child asking a query considering good sense informs we the answer.
—————-retired texas deputy sheriff—————-

Answer by Elliott M
if u don’t learn, we have violated

Answer by Chuck
Yes WORRY. Worry each time the telephone rings or there is a knock found on the front door. Worry frequently till a upcoming P.O. meeting. Worry which at any next there can be somebody behind we which usually handcuff we plus take we to jail for a long time. Worry like you’ve not worried before.

Next ask oneself was all which thinking value getting excellent plus failing the drug test. I’m guessing not.

Probation is really you are able to understand the lesson. Learn it, remain off drugs plus create anything from oneself alternative than a loser.