Arrest Warrant For Zimmerman


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Arrest Warrant For Zimmerman
Zimmerman guy arrested for burglary of Whistling Pickle

… bar inside Zimmerman. According to Sherburne County Sheriff Joel Brott, his unlawful research division executed a look warrant at the man's house plus found what's believed to be stolen TV's, a secure, liquor bottles plus certain cash within the Whistling …
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I don’t know which at all. If you kill someone whether from self protection because his protection team wants we to believe or negligence or whatnot aren’t we arrested right then plus there? I mean Aaron Hernandez was charged with first degree murder inside the case of Odin Lloyd plus following look warrants plus whatnot however nevertheless they got him quick. It took a public outcry for the many piece plus Trayvon’s parents phoning for justice plus whatnot for George Zimmerman to be arrested plus tried. Why is the fact that? Perhaps my means of thinking is incorrect however, which makes no sense to me whatsoever.

Answer by Enki
Because he’s White?

Answer by Lucine Absinthe
Racism. It’s prevalent inside the South, thus the southern judge was PROBABLY a racist. Sad, however, true.

Answer by Jo3
Because no crime was committed. What is happening today is a lynching performed by the state to keep the blacks from doing it inside purchase to protect their illusion of control.




  1. Never Again says:

    I think you need to learn the law and the difference between being arrested and being charged before trying to discuss such a complex story.

    “If not, the whole world is going to hunt Zimmerman down”
    You really are a retard aren’t you?

  2. ?.?. says:

    If it was Trayvon in his car and Zimmerman walking home with a hoodie on, he would have BEEN in jail and there would be no trial… and everyone would be saying “He MURDERED that man! Use your common sense!” Nobody would defend Trayvon’s actions.

    To be fair, no charges yet because they’re still deciding. You never know, he could be found guilty. If not, the whole world is going to hunt Zimmerman down.

  3. Donald says:

    Florida’s “stand your ground law”

  4. Joey says:

    aaron hernandez case no where near the same as zimmerman, hernandez had evidence piling up against him and he premeditated the murder there is no evidence showing zimmerman even wanted to bring harm to martin and florida is a stand your ground state where aaron killed odin it wasn’t. zimmerman was taken into custody and let go only thing the public outcry did was make sure he was in jail wrongfully the dumbass people who supported the outcry talk about justice yet only want the law to conform to them you can’t want just and start talking about rights when you are trying to take away the legal rights of someone who is going through trial. what does the prosecution have? nothing. everytime they tried to bring a witness on all they would talk about is what they heard. and if you think zimmerman wasn’t going to trial before the outcry then you must be retarded.

  5. rezride100 says:


  6. noreadingpalms says:

    No. My understanding it was a fender-bender no one hurt. So he might be trying to redeem himself. After murdering an innocent unarmed teen who was screaming for his life, give me a break. This is the least he might do.? Not time for awards.

  7. noreadingpalms says:

    That’s an interesting observation made by many but why don’t people think that, if in fact the ofcr WAS taking one or more pics, that it was to be able to ID the vehicle should something more happen, or something about the plate, for example. This deputy sounds like George Bush? when he says “What a coincidence,” and laughs a little. He sounds a little shy at that moment. I sense that he was concerned about that gun being out though. He tells GZ not to “play” with the gun. Is that common? LOL

  8. TaZDrumx says:

    Gets back in pc, and you hear the click of his iphone taking a picture to send to all of? his buddies lmao

  9. fo tiny says:

    Because? their are more White people then Black people. Blacks are on welfare far more then whites and Hispanics.And Blacks do far more crime on white and Hispanics than white do on blacks. FBI crime report.

  10. kayaksta says:

    coming from a slanted eyed, small dick asian hahahaha. ? im not white but I will defend the whites against small dick pricks like you.

    a little butt hurt because some whitey’s dick is much bigger than yours and your only girlfriend chose whitey over your slanted ugly chink face

  11. Varguennes says:

    The Zimmerman defenders are concerned about his safety? They’re concerned that some gun nut will do to him? what he did to young Trayvon? How ironic is that?

  12. Revovor says:

    Crackers are on walfare? more then blacks, Just wait for the Missiles cave monkey.

  13. vegasfordguy says:

    If you are so upset with all of the “devils” around you? then why don’t you go back to your mud huts? Well let’s see, first of all Africa doesn’t have a welfare program so you wouldn’t survive. Second of all Africans from Africa can’t stand the niggers from America. Despite what you think, they can’t stand your pitiful asses. They actually go out to hunt and provide for the village. You sorry pukes just leech off of the government.

  14. vegasfordguy says:

    First off he’s not white, he’s Hispanic. second of all, since you use the term cracker, I can use the term nigger. That’s right, you? are a nigger. Fair is fair. Are you going to cry racism and call Jesse and Al?

  15. vegasfordguy says:

    Revovor, It is very obvious that you are an extremely uneducated and foul person. The man was found to be NOT GUILTY. Rioting, looting and intimidation doesn’t always get you want you want. The man was simply defending himself from an aggressive ghetto thug. Without? us “white people” and for that matter just about any non black people, you would still be living is huts made of dung and eating each other. It’s time to grow up and take responsibility for your actions.

  16. Revovor says:

    Deut 32:Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations:

    Palsms 143:5
    I remember the days of old; I meditate on all thy works; I? muse on the work of thy hands.

    I waiting for the NEXT NAT TURNERS AND OMAR THORTONS. fucking devils

  17. Revovor says:

    We will get over it when America is destroyed fuck face,? you white people deserve the worst of Judgements from God.

  18. dontrustwhiteyevery1 says:

    fuck? you cracker spic!

  19. GINGERALER says:

    Who hasn’t been pulled over for speeding? This isn’t even news.? It’s only the liberal-biased media who were all set and ready to see Zimmerman get hanged, but much to their dismay, he is a free man, so now they have to keep him under a microscope and scrape and pick for any little crumb of dirt they can get on him. Zimmerman is a free man now all you libtards, so go and find some new injustice in the world to weep and whine? about.

  20. NETWizzJbirk says:

    Good thing? he wasn’t pulled over by a Black cop!