Arrest Warrant For Zimmerman

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Arrest Warrant For Zimmerman
Zimmerman guy arrested for burglary of Whistling Pickle

… bar inside Zimmerman. According to Sherburne County Sheriff Joel Brott, his unlawful research division executed a look warrant at the man's house plus found what's believed to be stolen TV's, a secure, liquor bottles plus certain cash within the Whistling …
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I don’t know which at all. If you kill someone whether from self protection because his protection team wants we to believe or negligence or whatnot aren’t we arrested right then plus there? I mean Aaron Hernandez was charged with first degree murder inside the case of Odin Lloyd plus following look warrants plus whatnot however nevertheless they got him quick. It took a public outcry for the many piece plus Trayvon’s parents phoning for justice plus whatnot for George Zimmerman to be arrested plus tried. Why is the fact that? Perhaps my means of thinking is incorrect however, which makes no sense to me whatsoever.

Answer by Enki
Because he’s White?

Answer by Lucine Absinthe
Racism. It’s prevalent inside the South, thus the southern judge was PROBABLY a racist. Sad, however, true.

Answer by Jo3
Because no crime was committed. What is happening today is a lynching performed by the state to keep the blacks from doing it inside purchase to protect their illusion of control.