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arrest warrant bashir

I am writing a research, argumentative, paper and I need a good source for people against the arrest warrant on President al-Bashir

Answer by Dean
Man, you got screwed on your assignment. That’s a tough one.

However, here area few ideas, from a few news websites.

Kenya didn’t arrest him when they have the chance because he didn’t disrupt their national stability. It’s weak, but you could argue that his arrest could cause some pretty negative setbacks. However, if you ask me, it’s more worth it to arrest the sob but that’s beside the point.

You could argue that there is too much focus on African leaders, and that Bashir isn’t the worst out there (there are worse… but, the counter-argument is that fact doesn’t matter, and I agree). See if you can establish a double standard, but use it only as a last resort.

You can go in the direction that the ICC should stay out of African politics, and that Africa should handle it. After all, it is seen, probably, as whites interfering yet again in African society and life, at least to them.

Also, while IMHO it makes you a basterd for doing it, you can argue that the investigation into Darfur wasn’t too terribly deep, and that one shouldn’t unjustly (sic) accuse Bashir.

Really, I would look at the arguments for, and see if you can find anything that could constitute a “flaw”. However, it’s the general opinion that al-Bashir should be arrested, at least in the Anglophone world.