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Norcross, GA (PRWEB) August 16, 2013

The Norcross Police Department and PredPol have partnered to introduce 21st century crime analytical methodologies to Norcross. The men and women of the Norcross Police embraced the new technology the first day it was in use. Already it has made an impact on crime in Norcross, and we look forward to making Norcross an even safer place to live and work. said Norcross Police Chief Warren Summers.

The Norcross Police Department had a successful first day after deploying a new predictive policing technology. The same day the training was conducted two officers were in a predictive box and caught two burglars inside a residence. It was later determined that the two suspects were linked to several other burglaries in the City. Another officer caught a wanted man in a different predictive zone. The officer was there spending time because of the predictions. The man had outstanding warrants for probation violation on burglary charges out of Illinois. Officers have access to daily maps with small predictive boxes 500 square. Those squares depict the highest probability of crime for the officers next shift.

We are pleased to be working with innovative leaders in cities like Norcross, said Dr. Jeff Brantingham, co-founder of PredPol and a criminology expert at UCLA. While no single strategy can eliminate crime, predictive policing gives patrol officers a significantly better idea of when and where to be so that they can deter it. If we can prevent just one break-in that will mean one less neighbor, friend, or family member who becomes a victim.

PredPols unique crime prediction methodology leverages existing crime data that every city already has, advanced mathematics developed over more than six years, computer learning, cloud computing, and the indispensable experience of veteran police, like those in Norcross. The crime data is analyzed through a sophisticated algorithm that applies proven criminal theories about crime. The results are more accurate and more actionable recommendations for when and where crime is most likely to occur, thus allowing police to show up before incidents happen.

About PredPol

A secure, cloud-based software, PredPols tool was developed by a team of PhD mathematicians, criminologists, and social scientists in close collaboration with crime analysts and line level officers at the Los Angeles and Santa Cruz Police Departments in California. Just six months after launch in late 2011, those first two cities saw crime reductions of 12% to 25% in burglaries and auto thefts compared to the previous year. Since then, PredPols core prediction technology has grown from success with property crimes to include prediction of drug crime, gang crime, traffic incidents, and gun violence. For more information, please visit