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In April, 1995, Cheri’s jury never got to hear just HOW the ball started rolling against her at her charade of a trial for the murder of Susan Denise Taylor. It’s time everyone found out. This is one excerpt from Cheri’s story. She is now serving 26 to life at Chowchilla Women’s Prison in CA for a crime she did not commit. I know she is innocent because I was with her at home on the morning of the murder and she later on gave me a birthday gift I still have. But at trial I was tricked into not taking the stand at her trial. False forensics played a large part in her arrest, indictment which were essential stepping stones to her conviction. A jailed informant became a false eye-witness to bloody clothes that was used against her at and before her trial. The arresting officer falsified the forensic hair test result on hair from the clutched fist of the victim, saying that it was “SIMILAR IN ALL RESPECT” to Cheri’s hair. Instead, the test result said “NO CONCLUSION COULD BE REACHED”. Still, it remains the probable cause that arrested Cheri. Dates were put into Cheri’s mouth she never said, placing her at the scene of the crime. A DNA expert from Maryland reported one thing to the grand jury to help indict Cheri, then only one month after the indictment, REVERSED her finding on the same hair samples! But power of that misleading testimomy wasn’t told to Cheri’s jury either. On 2-22-94, after attorney Steven Wadler told judge Charles Rogers that there was “perjury, falsified
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