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Unusual Background Checks From Temecula to Timbuktu

Unusual Background Checks From Temecula to Timbuktu

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Home Page > Business > Unusual Background Checks From Temecula to Timbuktu

Unusual Background Checks From Temecula to Timbuktu

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Posted: Jun 24, 2009 |Comments: 0




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Unusual Background Checks From Temecula to Timbuktu

By: Kit Fremin

About the Author

Kit Fremin is the owner and founder of Background Check International. Since 1994 BCI has served clients as varied as: the LA Times, Department of Defense, Mars, Inc., the UN, the NTSB and Calvary Chapels nationwide. His website is: www.bcint.com and he can be e-mailed at kit@bcint.com.

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Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/ – Unusual Background Checks From Temecula to Timbuktu

The Oxford PhD.
A longtime client asked us to check an existing young employee who was being promoted and transferred within the company. This employee was required to update her vital info on an application form. On the form she indicated that she had a PhD in international human resources from Oxford University – THE Oxford in the UK. The employer thought that it was odd that she didn’t mention that when she applied for a hr. ad sales job two years earlier. The client asked us to check it out.

They faxed over the info and I took a look at the application and within a few seconds I knew that the applicant was lying. I called the client and told them that I would save them the price of an international check, “I know she’s lying.” I said. “How can you tell?” they asked. “Because she said that she attended Lady Margaret Hall (college) at Oxford and she spelled Margaret wrong. Anyone with a PhD from Oxford wouldn’t spell the name of the college wrong. Of course we went through the motions and called Oxford and we found that LMH doesn’t offer human resource degrees. She should have picked another college at Oxford to lie about.

The Pool Digger
A fellow from a local pool company ordered a check on an employee that he had already hired and put to work digging pools with a backhoe. At the time, our office was in Temecula, California and the new employee was digging pools in Palm Springs which is about two hours away. It took a couple of days to get the hand searched records from Utah where the worker had previously lived and to our astonishment the employee was wanted for escaping from jail in a rural county in Utah. This all happened in 1995 before we were using the internet. Everything was done by phone and fax and was much slower.

I called the client right away with the big news. Now normally, we provide the information and it is the client’s responsibility to act on it. I offered to figure out what the client should do with this “dangerous” employee. I asked an assistant of mine if her husband, who was a Riverside County Deputy Sheriff, could drive to Palm Springs and arrest him. We found out that it doesn’t work that way. They have to serve a warrant from the jurisdiction in Utah and that could take days. I thought the deputy could get an “extra credit” or something for arresting a wanted bad guy. I guess I watch too much TV.

I then called the District Attorney’s office in rural Utah, but there was no answer to my call. I then called the Sheriff’s office in that Utah County and talked to the Sheriff. (Think Andy of Mayberry here.) I told him that I called the DA’s office, but there was no answer. He told me that they were all out fishing. I asked him if he knew the pool digger and he said that he did. I said, “Well come and get him. He’s in Palm Springs. I’ll get the address for you.” To which he replied, “We don’t want him. If he’s in Palm Springs he ain’t bothering anybody here.” “You can’t do that,” I said. “The hell I can’t,” he said. He then proceeded to tell me that they were a small county and that the extradition would take a mountain of paperwork, (which he was not inclined to do) then they would have to send someone to California to pick-up the prisoner, haul his sorry a** back to Utah then the county would have to pay to keep him in jail for the next few years. In fact, he was doing the county a big favor and saving them a bundle of money by not getting him.

Meanwhile my client is in a panic. Remember that this is before we were on the internet. I got directory assistance and found the Utah County’s only bail bondsman. I called and asked if they were looking for this pool digger. They were. The bail bondsman in Utah asked for the address where the pool digger was working and said, “We’ll have some guys pick him up in about 2 hours.”

I can’t tell you how many times that the story above has been instructional to me. It is the epitome of government vs. private sector. Government moves glacially slow at great expense with mountains of paperwork, while the private sector gets the job done better, faster, cheaper.

The Wanted Murderer
We did a criminal check for a client that hired dozens of people per month. The client operated a call center and we quickly learned that for some reason telemarketers have a disproportionate amount of criminal records compared to the general population. Imagine that.

The record came back for an applicant that we were checking and low and behold, the person was wanted in Los Angeles County for murder. I called the client right away to inform her. She said that it was odd that I called at that moment because he, the applicant, was waiting in the outer office to see her. She was truly afraid.

I called the police in her town and explained the situation and they told me to tell the client that it would take a while to process the warrant; that she should stall him and let him go home, thinking that he would start work in a couple of days and that they would arrest him at home over the weekend so as not to put anyone in danger at the client’s office. By the way; the police had to ask me for the man’s address so they could go and arrest him.

Let me say first off that I have always wanted to do a background check in Timbuktu just so that I could truthfully say that we have checked out people everywhere from Temecula to Timbuktu. This happened just a couple of weeks ago and prompted the writing of this article. A gentleman emailed and asked if we could check out a person and his company in Timbuktu, Mali in West Africa.

If you are not familiar with Timbuktu, it is a real place on the south west edge of the Sahara Desert and surely one of the most remote places on earth. Think French Foreign Legion desert outpost with camel caravans passing through. I read somewhere that it recently boasted of 400 telephones and 2 internet lines. Wow!

I told the client that since we have never done anything in Mali that I would have to check and see what is available and how long it would take, etc. I am one of the few experts in the USA on international background checks. People contact me all the time asking how to get records from far away places. When, even I, can’t figure out how to get records from somewhere I call the local US embassy in that country. We can usually figure things out from there.

I can’t say anything more specific about this case, but I can say that we were surprisingly able to get quality information quickly and uncovered another West African internet scam involving gold dust and probably saved the client tens of thousands of dollars.

The Good Looker
One client ordered a criminal and a credit check on each new employee. We did a check on a new employee and about a month later that employee called me and said that she was the new Human Resources Director. She was going over the policies and procedures and wanted to ask me about background checks. She asked me if doing a credit report was worth the cost and “What can you really tell from a credit report?”

I said, “Let me tell you about you.” I was doing this purely by memory from her report a month earlier. I said, “You are single, approximately 31 years old, you are a college graduate, you are from New England originally, you live in a rented condo, you drive a modestly priced Toyota or Nissan and you are good looking.” She said, “Now wait a minute how can you tell all that? I explained that most of it was educated guessing on my part, but I saw no spouse listed, I saw student loans, a SS# that started with 1, auto loans and the numbers on her address told me that she lived in a condo. “What about the good looking part?” she asked, “There’s no way you can tell that from a credit report.” I said that I noticed that she had a credit card with a 00 line of credit at Victoria’s Secret and I know that, as a rule, ugly women don’t shop there; therefore you must be good looking.

Retrieved from “http://www.articlesbase.com/business-articles/unusual-background-checks-from-temecula-to-timbuktu-992011.html”

(ArticlesBase SC #992011)

Kit Fremin
About the Author:

Kit Fremin is the owner and founder of Background Check International. Since 1994 BCI has served clients as varied as: the LA Times, Department of Defense, Mars, Inc., the UN, the NTSB and Calvary Chapels nationwide. His website is: www.bcint.com and he can be e-mailed at kit@bcint.com.


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Source:  http://www.articlesbase.com/business-articles/unusual-background-checks-from-temecula-to-timbuktu-992011.html

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The initial screening process should encompass a variety of measures to protect your company against potential litigation. It’s important to keep in mind that 36% of applicant resumes provide some form of falsified information.

• During the interview process, ask applicant to explain any gaps in employment or education. There are always circumstances that justify gaps in employment, however a lack of reasonable explanation may warrant further investigation as any prolonged absence may be an indication of past incarceration.

• Have applicant provide a written summary of last 7 years of residence and any other names used.

• Obtain a social security trace and cross reference this information with applicant provided written summary. This report will show address history (some potentially not revealed by the applicant), alias and or maiden names. Often a prior address is not disclosed if he or she were convicted of a crime in a past city or county of residence.

• Perform a criminal search based upon every county applicant has resided over the past 7 years. A county criminal report is the most effective search as this information is direct from the source. A true national criminal search is typically only available to law enforcement or in a situation where a state mandate requires that the applicant is subject to an employment background check.

• A search of the national sex offender registry should be completed in addition to the criminal search. Often a sexual offense does not appear in the criminal background report. If the applicant offended in a state or county outside his or her residence the criminal search would not likely reveal this information.

• Obtain a state motor vehicle report whenever the position involves driving in any capacity. This report has valuable information including validity and violations, suspension or DUI related offenses. Understand some applicants may state on their application that they do not have a driver’s license when in fact it is suspended. It’s essential to obtain at least a state issued identification card and perform a search of this identification number.

•Always be consistent with each and every applicant in the hiring process. All applicants should be screened in the same manner and “gut feelings” should never be applied.

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