Orange County Arrest Warrants – Laguna Beach police make second arrest in the Damon Nicholson murder

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Laguna Beach police make second arrest in the Damon Nicholson murder

By Michael Webster, Nov 5, 2009 at 10:00 AM PST
Last night Laguna Beach police investigators arrested a second suspect as part of the ongoing investigation into the murder of Laguna Beach resident Damon Nicholson.
On Friday evening, December 4th, Jacob Quintanilla, a 20 year old resident of Lake Forest, was taken into custody for murder. 
Laguna Beach Investigators now believe that Quintanilla accompanied suspect Matthew Dragna to the victim’s house in late October.  Quintanilla is believed to have been present and witnessed Dragna, beat the victim to death with a baseball bat.
According to police the main motive for this tragic homicide was robbery.  After the victim was attacked, the two men proceeded to steal many personal items from the residence. 
The Lake Forest prime suspect Dragna, 19 is accused of killing Laguna Beach resident   Nicholson, attacking him and beating him to death with a baseball bat in his home Oct. 23. during the home robbery.
Officers with the Laguna Beach Police Department served two search warrants earlier: one at Dragna’s Lake Forest home and a second at a Santa Ana drug rehabilitation center, where Dragna had recently checked in.
The police search of the Dragna’s family home recovered key evidence in the case, Kravetz said.
Police than arrested Dragna and he was taken into custody at that facility in Santa Ana, after evidence allegedly linked him to the crime Laguna Beach Police Lt. Jason Kravetz said.

Police believe that Nicholson and Dragna knew each other and Nicholson may have invited both Dragna and Quintanilla to his home.
Dragna met Nicholson the victim recently over the Internet. They met through a website and had developed a relationship, Kravetz said. Some of the alleged items stolen from Nicholson’s home, including a laptop computer, clothing and a cell phone were found at Dragna’s home.

Police now believe the suspects entered the home of Nicholson in the early morning hours and bludgeoned the victim to death and fled with the loot.

Police are trying to find still another stolen laptop computer that belonged to Nicholson, which they believe Dragna may have sold. Other items that were stolen have been recovered.
At Nicholson’s home, investigators found an item that gave them Dragna’s name and pointed to information that indicated Dragna was the killer.
“I don’t know why he would have been there that day, but we were able to get his name through evidence at the scene,” Kravetz said earlier.
Police would not specify through what website the men met, citing an ongoing investigation. Kravetz said he could not comment on whether the two had become romantically involved.
According to police Dragna has a history of drug use and burglary arrests.
The suspects are being held at the Orange County Jail. Police are seeking first degree murder charges against Dragna.

 Police are very confident that they have the responsible suspects and no other arrests are expected.
A memorial for Nicholson was held Nov. 13 at Tivoli Too in Laguna Beach.

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