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Divorce Process in Michigan

Divorce Process in Michigan

A divorce begins with the filing of a lawsuit or complaint for divorce. This is “served” on the other party by giving him/her a copy of the complaint and summons and having him/her sign the back of the summons to acknowledge receipt. Otherwise, a person called a “process server” must personally hand the summons and complaint to the other spouse or the complaint and summons can be sent by certified mail. When a receipt is signed for the certified mail, the court considers it “served.” Service must be completed within 90 days of filing or the court will dismiss the case for “lack of progress.” In the end, the court must receive some sort of evidence in the court file (called a “return of service”) to prove that the pleadings (i.e., the summons and complaint) were received by the defendant. The judges are assigned randomly to cases. You find out immediately who your judge will be when the complaint is filed. You cannot do anything to “pick” a particular judge.

After “service” of the complaint and summons, the defendant/other spouse must file an “answer.” The “answer” admits or denies all of the allegations in the complaint. The answer must be filed with the court within 21 days of service unless the complaint and summons were served by certified mail. In that case, the defendant has 28 days to answer the allegations in the complaint. Within a month of filing the complaint for divorce, each party is expected to file a verified financial statement setting forth the assets and liabilities of the parties. This may be later amended as information becomes available, but it is expected to be a good faith estimate of the net worth of the marital estate.

Once the court knows that both a complaint and an answer have been filed, it will schedule a “pretrial conference.” The client does not have to attend this conference, but the attorneys for both sides must attend. At that time, the court generally sets deadlines for exchanging witness lists, for the close of “discovery,” and for a “settlement conference” date as well.

“Discovery” is a set of procedures for getting information in a case. Discovery is governed by “court rules.” Discovery can include interrogatories and requests for production of documents from the other side. It can include subpoenas to third parties. It can include “depositions” of parties to the case (the husband and wife) and of non-parties (like employers, day care providers, neighbors, and relatives). Discovery can also include independent medical examinations (“IME’s”) like an evaluation by a therapist or psychiatrist. Unlike interrogatories and requests for production of documents, a party can only do an IME if the court permits it. To get a court order for an IME, the requesting party must file a motion with the court and go through a hearing.

During the pendency of a case, there are some occasions where the parties must appear in court for a hearing (that is not the actual “trial”). A judge has the power to require the parties to appear. The parties themselves can also set up a hearing by filing a “motion” for some sort of relief with the court. Most judges appreciate having the parties personally appear at “motion hearings” although parties are under no legal requirement to be there unless they have been served with a “show cause order.” If a party fails to appear for a “show cause hearing,” then the court can issue a bench warrant for their arrest.

After a motion hearing, the judge makes a decision on the relief requested. The judge can decide the issue on the spot or take the matter “under advisement” and issue a written decision within a few days or a few weeks. If the court rules the day of the hearing, then the court expects the attorney for the party who filed the motion to draft an order that is consistent with the court’s ruling. This requirement applies even if the judge ruled against the party who filed the motion although sometimes the court will ask the prevailing party to draft the order. A party cannot contest the language in the order if it is consistent with the judge’s ruling. The only way to contest the ruling at that point is to take an appeal.

Sometimes orders are entered by the court without a motion being filed or a motion hearing. This can happen because the court decided itself to issue an order. It can also happen because the parties agree to an order and “stipulate” to its entry. If the judge sees the signatures of both attorneys on a proposed order, the court will almost always sign the order without a hearing. Once an order is entered, it must be followed. Even if it is appealed, the order is in effect unless the Michigan Court of Appeals suspends its enforceability.

During the pendency of the case, the parties are expected to discuss legal custody, parenting time, child and spousal support, and property distribution. Usually the attorneys are able to discuss these issues even if the parties cannot. While the court has the Friend of the Court available when it comes to support and custody/parenting issues, it is more difficult to decide property issues. There are three tasks to be completed on the issue of property during the case:

1. All property and debt must be identified and listed.

2. Property must be valued. Sometimes the parties can “stipulate” or agree to a value; otherwise, it must be valued by an appraiser or qualified third party.

3. Property must be distributed in the end. If the parties can agree as to who gets what, the court will usually accept that. Most assets are divided between the parties “in kind.” If neither party wants an asset or is able to afford it, then the asset should be sold. If both parties want an asset, then they must submit this issue to the court or consider mediation or arbitration to decide it without court intervention. (Mediation and arbitration are different processes. With mediation, a trained person helps the parties reach agreement. If they do not agree, then the court decides and there is no prejudice to anyone because he/she did not accept a proposal in mediation. With arbitration, a trained person hears the parties’ positions and possibly considers other evidence. Then the arbitrator makes a decision, and the parties (in advance and in writing) agree to be bound by the decision. A decision by an arbitrator cannot be appealed and can be enforced by the court.

After the time for discovery has expired, the court will require the parties to appear in person for a settlement conference. Sometimes the court will also order the parties to meet with a mediator to try and settle a case. There is no obligation to settle, but if a party does not participate in settlement proceedings in good faith, it could backfire on that party in the end.

Further, if there are issues relating to children or alimony, the court generally refers the issue to the Friend of the Court (“FOC”). The FOC caseworkers will schedule an interview. Sometimes they speak with parties individually for one hour each. Other times the caseworker will ask the parties to come together and will meet with them for 1–1-1/2 hours. The attorneys are permitted to attend these interviews but generally do not come. If minor children are involved and they are old enough, the FOC caseworker will interview them as well in private. After the interviews are concluded, the FOC issues a “recommendation.” The court is usually willing to enter that recommendation as an interim order of the court while the case is pending. If either party objects to the recommendation, the court can either set the matter for an evidentiary hearing before the court itself or order the parties to go through a FOC “referee hearing.” A referee hearing takes place at the FOC offices in the courthouse. It is not open to the public. Witnesses must leave the room immediately after testifying. The hearing officer is an attorney employed by the court. After the hearing, the referee writes a recommendation and issues it. The parties have 21 days to accept the recommendation or file objections with the court and schedule a hearing on the objections. If objections are filed, then the court holds an evidentiary hearing and makes its own ruling—which may be consistent with the referee recommendation or different.

There is eventually a trial in each case if it is not settled. Approximately 90% of all divorce cases are settled before trial. If the parties are able to settle some of their issues, the court is generally willing to hear and decide only the unsettled issues. After the court rules, then the parties have 21 days to file an appeal with the Michigan Court of Appeals if they object to the final decision. Very few cases get to this point.


FBI Raids Christian Militia in Michigan Seven arrested in FBI raids linked to Christian militia group Jennifer Chambers / The Detroit News At least seven people, including some from Michigan, have been arrested in raids by a FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Force in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana as part of an investigation into an Adrian-based Christian militia group, a person familiar with the matter said. The suspects are expected to make an initial appearance in US District Court in Detroit on Monday. On Sunday, a source close to the investigation in Washington, DC confirmed that FBI agents were conducting activities in Washtenaw and Lenawee counties over the weekend in connection to Hutaree, a Christian militia group. Detroit FBI Special Agent Sandra Berchtold told The Detroit News the federal warrants in the case are under court seal and declined further comment. Sources have said the FBI was in the second day of raids around the southeastern Michigan city of Adrian that are connected to a militia group, known as the Hutaree, an Adrian-based group whose members describe themselves as Christian soldiers preparing for the arrival and battle with the anti-Christ. From The Detroit News: Multiple Militia Raids in Midwest? tags Barack Obama Second Amendment Raids FBI Michigan Militia The Obama administration has decided to crackdown on militia groups.

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  1. oldgamergeek says:

    The Huteree is neither Christian or a militia they are a cult period.

  2. MrNickbento says:

    Over 35 muslim training camps inside the USA by muslims training to? take over America and these a**holes ignore it and bother Americans,, copy paste this into Youtube search and ask yourself HOW CAN THIS BE?

    “Terrorist Cells – TRAINING CAMPS in AMERICA – actual video”

  3. JonasC22 says:

    @Outcast900 lol yea because they were stopped before they could.

  4. JonasC22 says:

    Praise the lord, pass the ammunition!

  5. LegionAreWe says:

    It seems as if those “militias” weren’t too militant when it came down to the reality of the situation.

  6. Outcast900 says:

    i as a person from Michigan think that the militia never did anything

  7. ICONCRUSHER says:

    another great vid! press cover up continues :(
    Vet 0bama!

  8. dbstooge says:

    @Pseudologic Wrong again douche

  9. IYAMNI says:

    @AvonBarksdale101 “I don’t sit on the internet all day pointing out dumb patriotic shit like you do,”

    Oh god. That is sooo rich. Do you even see the irony?

    Look, you’re not a revolutionary. If you were you wouldn’t even be arguing with me, you be out doing something… like your Hutaree heroes. You’re another wanker who feels impervious online. And now I feel responsible for feeding your delusions by giving you the idea that I cared what you thought. Sorry. I’ll stop now.

  10. AvonBarksdale101 says:

    @IYAMNI shit hitting the fan is two different things to me and the likes of you buddy. I don’t sit on the internet all day pointing out dumb patriotic shit like you do, as if that isn’t the reason why Americans are so fat dumb and lazy. Cause like MOST Americans, you would rather stuff your face with a big mac then actually point the finger at the people responsible for the shit hole you call a country now, no no no you would rather defend them and there advance military. You fucking clown.

  11. AvonBarksdale101 says:

    @IYAMNI A Democracy only exists when 2 sides that work for the same boss at the end of the day do not get ALL the media attention. Your nation is socialist right now, and becoming even stronger in its socialist ways as times goes by. What drug are you on? If you already know about all the cia etc.. that you point out, then why do you still write stupid comments like ” our forefathers died for our government that we choose” ? I am no internet poser cocksucker,

  12. AvonBarksdale101 says:

    @IYAMNI Listen you dumb fuck, I never defended anything about there views, or even there organization, all I said was INSTEAD OF LOOKING AT PEOPLE LIKE THEM AS A THREAT, YOU SHOULD LOOK AT THE UNDERHANDED SHIT YOUR OWN AMERICAN GOVERNMENT DOES NOT TO ONLY YOU BUT THE REST OF THE WORLD. Do you now understand? Why do you not get that this shit is fear mongering? ” Tell that to native americans…” are you fucking retarded? Honestly are you? Democracy?

  13. IYAMNI says:

    @AvonBarksdale101 “I don’t even know what there views are”

    Well, jeez…don’t let that stop your pontification. Daddy Bush & The Nazi’s, JFK, CIA experiments, 9/11 … it’s all academic. Who in the f*ck doesn’t know about that? But how does that translate into defending a bunch of Christo-fascist terrorists? The Hutaree are religious fanatics who planned to kill people. You planted your battle flag on a mound of sh*t. You didn’t even know their views. You look like an idiot.

  14. IYAMNI says:

    @AvonBarksdale101 Aww. Hard times eh? Tell that to the Native Americans.

    We have a democracy poser. Use it. You wanna jump on board with a bunch of fanatics who think they are gonna take on the strongest military in the history of civilization, go for it. Truth is, if the shit every really hit the fan, you’d be the first to run for cover.

    The Hutaree are psychos. If these morons are the symbols of your revolution, you might as well go download porn, cause it ain’t goin nowhere.

  15. AvonBarksdale101 says:

    @IYAMNI And your government cannot be changed buddy. Because you as the people do not run your government anymore. They run you. Bottom line. They tell you what to eat, watch, how to think, dress and act. All through a box in your living room. If you really think America is not on the edge of a huge civil war, or at least martial law, then you are quite an ignorant asshole. No jobs, 50 million on food stamps. 30 million lost homes, yea you are right, the government your forefathers fought for.

  16. AvonBarksdale101 says:

    @IYAMNI …and defend a government you think is watching out for you. Conspiracy theorists were cooks back when they first started, but as you can see with your own two dumb fucking eyes, that all they said back then came true in the past 10 years. So don’t sit there and give me some patriotic BULLSHIT about how your soldiers for your democratic government. Which is NON SENSE. You need to educate yourself on history not the propaganda you hear on cnn. You also need a kick to the head.

  17. AvonBarksdale101 says:

    @IYAMNI This is not YOUR government lol, I can’t believe you sit there and bring up how your grandfathers fought for this government, WRONG, they fought for the nation. And as far as facts goes asshole, why don’t you go educate yourself on some REAL facts, that are out there for everyone to view. About how Prescott Bush financed and funded the Nazi war machine, about how they got rid of JFK. Listen internet wanna be or not, you cannot deny facts. But idiots like you will always sit there

  18. AvonBarksdale101 says:

    @IYAMNI I never said I agreed with any of there views, I also stated that that I don’t even know what there views are, all I said was that they are not the real threat to the people of this nation, the government is, and I am not some internet freak you are thinking of. But yes if you do not agree that America’s government needs a complete reform then you are the idiot not me. As far as a revolution goes, that would do nothing but cause problems for everyone.

  19. IYAMNI says:

    @AvonBarksdale101 Seriously… you really think any sane person would side with superstitious idiots like Hutaree? They are brain addled intellectual throwbacks, sociopoathic zealots that would cast this country back into the dark ages. They are nothing but a white Taliban. If you really think people will side with them or internet flamers like you, you’re in for a big fukin let down. But don’t let that stop your little revolution. It’ll be fun to watch you get trounced.

  20. IYAMNI says:

    @AvonBarksdale101 Save it for the rubes. You wouldn’t know an actual fact if it crawled up your ass and festered. You’re an internet wanna be. The Hutaree and their ilk are backwards racists psychotic zealots who believe in a Superman that will come from back Heaven to save them from the boogey man. Any country that fell under their influence would be no better off than Afghanistan under the Taliban. I’ll take my chances with the current government. That, at least, can be changed.

  21. IYAMNI says:

    @AvonBarksdale101 No, they are terrorists and the people who sympathize with them, like you, are terrorist sympathizers. This is OUR government. The heros of this nation fought to defend that government. They opt out of the democratic process and pick up guns? Well, we got guns too. The best thing the lunatic militia movement could do is to attack this country. It would give the government the reason they need to crush them like the insects they are. Bring it on.

  22. AvonBarksdale101 says:

    @IYAMNI Terrorist? The only real terrorist is your government, who has killed more innocent people than any terrorist group they made up ever has. You idiots believe everything you are told by the local news don’t you. America is a lost cause, the people like this that are actually doing something about the state are being rounded up and culled off. You have no hope left.

  23. AvonBarksdale101 says:

    @IYAMNI As for your retarded comment, if you knew the actual facts to this story before you decided to write an ” intelligent” comment, then you would know that these people had purchased there firearms LEGALLY, and just because they were organizing whatever they wanted to doesn’t mean they were a threat to your self righteous ass. There are groups like this popping up everywhere in the states, they are not a threat to you or PEACE, they are a threat to the GOV, which is the real threat to you.

  24. AvonBarksdale101 says:

    You people are fucked in the head, these guys had LEGAL guns, and there gathering is not illegal whatsoever, now I don’t care for what there purposes were, but I can garuntee you dumb fucks that sit here and defend the FBI for what they did, are the same sheep that will do what they tell you when shit hits the fan. The government is scared of people like this because they will stand up when the time comes, they are a threat to the GOV NOT THE PEOPLE.

  25. hackit12 says:

    nickchirc …
    The stories stated they “had already acquired the munitions” and “had contracted someone to assemble” them. IED’s …
    That is? why they moved in and arrested them “before they could kill people” !
    WMD – is a weapon that can kill large numbers of humans …