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Evidence collected in downtown rape
Police collected DNA evidence from a Johnston County man they have accused of raping and sexually assaulting a woman at knifepoint in the bedroom of her apartment, according to court records made public today.
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The Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office announces the results of an eight-month investigation involving staged vehicle crashes and insurance fraud. Operation Crash For Cash resulted in arrest warrants for 22 people, and search warrants at two medical clinics in Hillsborough County. Thirty-two suspects have already been charged with staging crashes. Detectives began to round up suspects and serve the search warrants this morning. The suspects include clinic employees, massage therapists and participants in staged crashes. The criminal charges range from Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization (RICO), a first-degree felony, to staging vehicles crashes. The Sheriffs Office, in conjunction with the NICB began Operation Crash For Cash in September 2009 after deputies noticed a pattern of questionable vehicle crashes. Undercover detectives developed confidential informants and learned which medical clinics were being used in the fraud. Detectives were also able to identify the recruiters and coordinators who would solicit individuals to conduct staged crashes. Then the participants would be directed to a particular medical clinic to sign blank medical forms. At the clinics, crash participants would be coached on how to describe their injuries or pain to physicians. One staged crash was captured on surveillance video by a camera at a business on 78th Street. Detectives obtained the video and learned how one version of a staged crash is conducted, where occupants exit the
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