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wanted poster, arizona 1918
arizona arrest warrants
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This wanted poster dates from 1918. I have noticed that a lot of old west mugshots used one photo to catch both front and profiles of the face, with the use of a mirror. Considering my great-grandfather was a lawman, I’m surprised I didn’t find more wanted posters. I might find more if I ever find more hidden boxes of photos/stuff.

These men were "draft dodgers" during WWI, and killed the lawmen that were sent to arrest them.

This incident is known as "The Powers Affair" in Arizona history. An account of the incident, from Wikipedia:

"In 1909 Jeff Powers and his family homesteaded in Rattlesnake Canyon and began mining nearby. When two of Powers’ sons, Tom and John Powers, failed to report when drafted into World War I, Sheriff Robert F. McBride of Graham County delivered a letter to the Powers’ asking them to come in for prosecution, but it was ignored. Several weeks later, on the night of February 9, 1918, Deputy U.S. Marshal Frank Haynes, Sheriff McBride, and Deputy Sheriffs Martin Kempton and T.K. Wooten arrived at the Powers’ cabin near the Powers Mine. They carried arrest warrants for Tom and John Powers for draft evasion, and warrants for Jeff Powers and his hired man, Tom Sisson, for an unrelated charge. Just before dawn on February 10, as the Powers camp was preparing breakfast, they heard two of their horses gallop by their dogs began barking. When Jeff Powers stepped outside with his rifle Deputy Sheriff Wooten yelled, "Throw up your hands! Throw up your hands!" A furious gunfight ensued, leaving Sheriff McBride, Deputy Sheriffs Kempton and Wooten, and Jeff Powers dead. Marshal Haynes escaped to nearby Klondyke, Arizona, while the Powers boys and Tom Sisson fled south to Redington on the San Pedro River, leading to the biggest manhunt in Arizona’s history. They entered Mexico south of Hachita, New Mexico, where on March 8 they surrendered to a U.S. Army patrol that had picked up their trail and crossed the border in pursuit. At their trial, all three men were convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. Sisson died in prison at the age of 86, but the Powers brothers were paroled in 1960, forty-two years after their conviction. They were pardoned by Governor Jack Richard Williams nine years later."

Montez pleads guilty to theft
The saga of a family intertwined with drugs and burglary is nearing a resolution; every suspect will have been sentenced to probation.
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COURT DOCUMENTS & AUDIO of winning case – no law requires a “photo” id Further, a written citation is a form of identification. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!: Around 2:00pm Friday, August 7, 2009, my boyfriend (black male) and I were arrested because of supposed identification issues. My boyfriend and I had taken our previous cases to court in June and won. At the same time through a two day trial, I caught the cop (racist cops in AZ. Please do research on Sheriff Joe Arpaio.) doing perjury on the stand (assisted by the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office). And since I filed charges against that cop and I have a hearing this Tuesday for the perjury charges against him, my boyfriend and I have been harassed and pulled-over three times. The cops supposedly arrested my boyfriend with supposed resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. When in fact, my boyfriend never resisted arrested and it was the cops who were in disorderly conduct since the time before they pulled me over (undercover cop admit following us for at least a mile before the initial two cop cars finally pulled us over ’cause according to them, it was my auto plate in the back of my car window the reason they pulled me over – not against state vehicle codes). And the reasons they harassed my boyfriend (racial profiling) was simply because he did not show them his identification – he was the passenger. Neither my boyfriend nor I were committing, or about to commit, any crimes. And therefore, the cops
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Arizona officials: Travel Alert
Commentary: By Patrick Osio Have we become so cynical as to believe that Arizona elected officials make claims solely for political gain? Are we to believe that politicians promote fear in order to advance their own agenda? Selling down your state by discouraging tourists and visitors is unthinkable, unconscionable and a reckless disregard for […]
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Police arrest one of 2 suspects in deadly home invasion
Police say the suspect identified in last Friday’s deadly home invasion in Beauregard Town has been arrested. Aramis Jackson, 20, was found at a home in Violet, which is in St. Bernard Parish, late Tuesday morning.
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