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Choose a State (USA) Help sign the petition please. Only takes about 15 seconds, 10 if your a fast typer. All you need to include is: – Name – E-mail and – Optional Comment The preface of the peition reads as follows: To: Irish Government On the 23rd of July 2009 the president of Ireland, Mary McAleese, signed a new Defamation Act into law. It includes a law against ‘blasphemy causing outrage’. The maximum fine is 25000 euro. This law amends one which was found in 1999 to be too vague to be enforced ‘in accordance with the law’. The new specification seeks to make blasphemy punishable again. This petition is for the repeal of the law against blasphemy in Ireland, in line with the view taken by the holy see and the Irish government in international bodies such as the UN (Irish Times, May 2009). Both the holy see, represented by Msgr Silvano Marie Tomasi, and Irish government at the UN hold that the proper legislation to address such issues is human rights and equality law, not laws against blasphemy. We hold, along with the a fore mentioned bodies that the blasphemy law is essentially anachronistic; surplus to requirement at best and a danger to constitutionally protected free speech at worst. Because there is a provision for a blasphemy law in the Irish constitution a referendum may be required to if the Irish people are to repeal this law. This repeal should be carried out by national referendum if necessary at a suitable time . Sincerely, The Undersigned —– Also
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