California Arrest Warrants – Did You Just Find Out You Have A San Diego Dui Bench Warrant For Your Arrest?

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california arrest warrants
by Thomas Hawk

Did You Just Find Out You Have A San Diego Dui Bench Warrant For Your Arrest?

Here are some common reasons a California court might decide to give out this type of warrant:

• You did not timely provide evidence of community service, MADD or completion of a program.
• You did not pay a fine or monthly payment.
• You did not timely contact the Assessment Unit and/or Collections Unit.
• You failed to show up in San Diego court on a day you were scheduled to be present.
• You did not hire a San Diego attorney and then failed to appear in court on a San Diego DUI Case prior to your case’s resolution.
• Clerical mistake.

If you live in San Diego, California, you might be arrested by police and sent to San Diego county jail. You could be stopped for a driving infraction and taken to jail. They could also come to your home or office.

An arrest warrant is what the police will use to arrest you. A San Diego judge must sign the formal document requesting the arrest. It is issued during an investigation where San Diego area law enforcement officers have reason to believe that criminal activity has taken place. Many folks usually don’t know that there is an arrest warrant in their name until police arrive to make the arrest. Sometimes, police may arrive at your place of work to arrest you.

If you think you want to represent yourself, you are placing yourself at a disadvantageous position. You could be arrested and placed in police custody as soon as you enter a courtroom. An experienced California criminal lawyer can get the warrant recalled and, in many instances, prevent San Diego area law enforcement authorities from taking you into police custody.

In a misdemeanor case, your DUI lawyer can go to court and have the warrant recalled without you having to show up. An experienced criminal DUI lawyer who knows how to deal with these kinds of cases will know what documents and other information the court might need to quickly resolve your DUI case. A skilled California drunk driving criminal attorney will know how to convey to a California prosecutor and the judge the reason that your warrant should be recalled, and most importantly, why you should not be placed in custody.

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