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My boyfriend skipped a courtroom requested paternity take a look at last week because he moved, and never acquired the summons. We heard through close friends that he now has an arrest warrant. He strategies on turning himself in today but I was just wondering what was the method? Will he go to jail? Will I have to bail him out? What occurs?

Solution by pepe le pieux
healks inta the nearby ossfers stattion says’yer lookin ferme???,,they type in is title&sosh,,’yep had been looiknferya,step more than right here you should<<<,carryin any weaons?knives,blades,guns,baseball bats,granades, rocket launchers??,,frisk friskfrisk,patpatpat,,they take a mugshot,stick his mitts on the inkpad,havim sign on the x,puttimin the holding tank,,aftera couple hours he gets a styrpofoam cup with coke, a sammich,in 3-4 hrs he appears in front of a judge,judge telllsim why he's arrested,,as to acknowledging dadhood,he needs to payup,meets with the prosecutor or his clerk to arrange for a court ordered debit account that needs to show scheduled deposits by pqpo,,@ a monthly/weekly basis,they fix a compliance chart,he meets the minimum chart requirements,he goes home, stays outof the clinker

arrest warrant turn yourself in

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