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Practically obtained a warrant issued for my arrest because I haven’t mailed in my defensive driving sort.

My bf was charged with possession cocaine for individual use and served 8 months. He got out complied wuth drug tests and then stopped thanks to finances. Throughout his probatiin he received several targeted traffic violations(suspended lic) which are violations. Might 12 he was due to get off probation never gained a letter or a call stating other wise then 5 months later hes arrested for a warrant forming from a vop driving on suspended lic…now there chatting jail time 3-five yrs because of a signed lid. Can they do this after he is off probation even although the violation was whilst he was on probation? Do they have a time frame to provide up violations soon after a individual is off probation?

Many thanks in progress.

Response by search up in the ditch
Of course you or “he” is nonetheless violating probation. Just due to the fact they did not know “he”/you had violated it, until afterwards does not matter.

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