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I am a New Jersey resident and lately gained a ticket for jaywalking while on holiday in Delaware. I have no intent on paying out it except if New Jersey can execute an arrest warrant for Delaware say if I ever get pulled over for speeding on the parkway or one thing. Possibly an individual does!

Answer by laughter_every_working day
A warrant is a warrant and the mother nature of the fundamental charge will not subject. In your scenario, the cost is contempt of court docket or failure to look. When the warrant problems, it is entered in a national data base and any officer that learns of it will execute it. Then you invest a day or 3 in jail right up until the NJ cops contact the Del. prosecutor to ask if he will extradite. The prosecutor laughs and they permit you go, but the warrant stays in the program and so the subsequent time you have dealings with a cop, everywhere in the u.s., you go through it all yet again.

Warrant for my arrest in Delaware #Sweet

Deserted Cat Sales opportunities to Warrant Arrest: Police ended up dispatched to the Delaware County SPCA on Sandy Bank Street at…

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