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arrest warrant bashir

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 17, 2009

Previous Bin Laden mistress Kola Boof claims that representatives of the Russian version of Esquire Journal, along with Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani and Germany’s best newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, have been in talks with the acclaimed novelist and independence fighter about publishing 4 poems that Osama Bin Laden allegedly wrote in the pond backyard garden at Prince Ruspoli’s La Maison Arabe in 1996. Russian Esquire, who featured Kola Boof in the 2008 Michail Chodorkowskij problem of their journal, could probably publish the poems to coincide with the 2009 Eastern European release of Boof’s bestselling autobiography, “Diary of a Misplaced Female” (Roma Novosibirsk/Baror Global/AEI).


Kola Boof initial revealed the poems in her autobiography, “Diary of a Misplaced Female”, but says she declined to publish Bin Laden’s actual verses in the memoir owing to a authorized confrontation with Bin Laden’s wife, Naweh, and lawyers representing the bin ladin family members. If the poems are printed in a journal or newspaper, Boof will not be paid.

The 1st a few poems, in accordance to the Egyptian-Sudanese-American author, are (Estimate) “epic Pro-Jihadist pieces, embellished by Bin Laden’s genius and his passion for Palestine” (Unquote). Bin Laden penned the fourth, “Naima Cat,” on March three, 1996 as a birthday reward for Kola Boof, a fellow Pisces. But Boof states the poem is “exceedingly sarcastic”–practically nothing like the 1 she wrote for his birthday a handful of days later on March 10th.

Thanks to the character of the poems, Kola Boof, a previous SPLA spy who was instrumental in the Sudan Rebel Army’s blowing up of Higlig PX-40 and is at present Nationwide Chairwoman of South Sudan’s resistance SSPP (reporting to President Francis Bok), declined an invitation to read through the poems on Russian television citing herself as “Bin Laden’s worst enemy” as well as a staunch supporter of Israel, not Palestine.


Asked to comment on the latest arrest warrant for Sudan’s President Al-Bashir, Kola Boof, who was born in Omdurman, Sudan, instructed a journalist for Pravda: (Estimate) “I am ashamed to be an African in 2009. The simple fact that African Union leaders, one particular thousand several years afterwards, are even now supporting slavery and genocide, and the truth that Black males globally have murdered their personal mom, the genuine black girl, to become mulatto, Arab and Muslim is the evidence that the black race will never gain God’s favor. Our betrayal of self more dehumanizes our ancestors and it highlights our people’s deficiency of integrity. If there is any individual who will not like my comments and would like to beat me up–then I suggest them to get in line as I ball up my fists. But do not ever anticipate me to back again down. Sudan is the country of Satan and King Satan, black, greedy and evil as at any time, is the root drive dictating our people’s destruction. The African Union’s assist for Bashir and the silence of Planet Earth is nothing considerably less than a flashback to 1604. Silence equals consent and it proves what cowardly self-hating trash we’ve become. The government in Khartoum demands to be overthrown–at some point, there is no other way–and the black race wants to reduce all ties with the Arab Muslim Imperialist Empire.” (Finish of Quote)


Much maligned by U.S. media given that the London Guardian “outed” her connection with Bin Laden in a 2002 gossip column, Kola Boof has lived in U.S. Federal Defense beneath a barrage of fake names and identities for nearly a ten years.


In 2008, journalist Stephen Milner advised Pacifica radio that he experienced been presented cash to make up outrageous stories about the creator by oil firms with passions in Sudan.


Boof, the mom of two sons, is the author of two acclaimed literary novels–”Flesh and the Devil” and “Lengthy Train to the Redeeming Sin.” In 2006, she won Sweden’s Kavinna til Kavinna Prize in Brief Non-fiction for her personalized account on being vaginally circumcised, “I Am My Own Daughter” (Ottar magazine, Sweden). She has been interviewed by MSNBC, FOX News and CNN and was dubbed “The African Garbo” by the New York Moments. Due to the fact the author has no official schooling and cannot earn a living instructing academia, she has augmented her cash flow by serving as a much publicized ghost-writer for 3 of America’s top rated daytime cleaning soap operas.

The Kindle edition of Boof’s memoir, “Diary of a Dropped Lady,” continues to be an Amazon bestseller.





I am creating an post for university on the Darfur Location and have a vague idea of what is going on. The violence has not stopped, Al-Bashir’s arrest warrant has been issued by the UN but practically nothing has occurred… but what else? If men and women could give me just the term-for-phrase fundamentals as an alternative of forwarding me to wikipedia, that would be excellent. I am capable of undertaking much more study, I just need a sound location to commence.

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