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what does an arrest warrant look like

I am seeking a legitimate website which allows me to enter a name plus birth date to obtain out when which individual has an arrest warrant. I am shopping for a website which demands no payment or credit card. Thank we.

Answer by lateef1998
No, every state has it’s own url for many desired. Check the State’s Website. It could lead we to a desired or DOC website.

Answer by Meech
It’s confidential info, you’re not going to locate a reliable site. There is not a method to discover out for certain considering there is a nationwide database, a state database, along with a nearby database for every county. If it’s for oneself you are able to just discover out from a regional authorities department or by phoning a surrounding county jail.

(Extradition date May 11, 2001 –

(PRWEB) November 16, 2002

As the improbability of the US government turning over Rod Lauren Strunk looks certain at this stage, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is set to quote a precedent case 2 years ago inside that an American was extradited here to face charges of rape.

not 2 years ? Release date July 5. 2001) Dennis Standefer was held inside jail for 2 years inside Jakarta as well as the Philippines about fake case filed by Ricardo Diaz for his ?treasure looking partners?, Karl Ryll, Steven Morgan, Harold Karaka, plus Colonel Segundo Duran (PNP).

(See http://justicein2002.com for complete details! This total miscarriage of justice can be selected to keep Strunk from getting extradited!)

The country?s extradition treaty with all the United States refuses to permit a suspect to be turned over when he is facing charges punishable by death. Strunk, inside this case, is the prime suspect inside the murder of his spouse actress Nida Blanca plus consequently is exempted from being extradited based about which provision of the treaty.

This is the key issue hounding the NBI. However the bureau is confident the case of Dennis Standefer 2 years ago is mentioned to persuade federal authorities to hand over Strunk.

(The real story is only the opposite! It is VERY probably which the United States courts can utilize the Standefer case to deny the extradition case against Strunk plus perhaps the 1 pending against Charlie Ang as well as the NBI as well as the Justice Department recognize it!)

Standefer fled the nation following several counts of rape were filed against him.

(A total lay, fabrication, plus libelous statement! Standefer left the Philippines inside summer of 1995; Karl Ryll filed the fake rape case inside August 1999 with Ricardo Diaz plus Segundo Duran. There was 1 (1) fake charge of 1 count filed, not numerous charges because Diaz reported! Phony documents issued by the PAOCTF were chosen to arrange the arrest. These were dated a some weeks BEFORE the FAKE RAPE case was even reported by RYLL!) See: http://justicein2002.com/estrada.html

The NBI, from the justice department, requested the US government to extradite him.

(This is another total lay. Give me a break! How may this have perhaps happened, whenever he was arrested (with Karl Ryll hunting on) just 10 days following the case was filed inside Mindanao? The just request was prepared to Indonesia, with faked documents plus Karl Ryll plus Steve Morgan?s? income, plus Joseph Estrada pulling the strings! The US Embassy had ?proof? (From the Philippine Bureau of Immigration plus Deportation [BID] which Standefer wasn’t even inside the Philippines whenever the ?alleged? rape took area. The Strunk case has taken over a year, without extradition request or a unlawful complant filed! The Standefer case was filled about August 13, 2001 plus he was arrested 10 days later! These are both death penalty situations! Could $ 350 million $ have anything for this ?fast injustuice??)

See ?victims? statement


(Ryll filed the ?fake rape case? about August 10, 1999. Ryll delivered it to the Dapa courtroom the following day, as well as the arrest warrant was provided to Ryll about August 12, 1999. Diaz assisted Ryll by filing the ?request of arrest? letter to the Indonesian government about August 13, 1999. Ryll flew to Indonesia plus paid a attorney there $ 10,000 USD to aid have the authorities arrest Standefer about August 23, 199. There was NEVER any preliminary research, authorities or doctor report, or any evidence or witnesses, except for the 1 page statement Ryll wrote plus coursed/bribed the ?victim to signal. She refused to go to the Dapa courtroom or speak to the police/judge/prosecutor inside Dapa. This was all performed by Karl Ryll plus Colonel Segundo Duran (PNP) whom was performing about his own plus not about any official company. See http://justicein2002.com/id11htm for details.)

It turned out, though, which Standefer rather fled to Indonesia, that furthermore refused to extradite him citing the penalty of the charges he was facing.

(Standefer didn’t ?flee? to Indonesia from any ?rape? charge, nevertheless was functioning there! He had been back to the USA, Malaysia, Hong Kong, plus Indonesia many instances, whenever the fake case was filed, five years following the alleged rape case took region! How can he flee from a charge that has been NEVER filed till 10 days before his arrest?

The NBI equally falsely accused him of eliminating over 100 Filipinos inside Mindanao, however not even asked him a single query regarding this whenever they had him inside custody inside Manila!

See http://justicein2002.com/id1.html)

Former President Estrada then assured both the US plus Indonesian governments which Standefer wouldn’t be meted the death penalty could he be found guilty.

(Diaz plus different NBI officials refuted this ?assurance? plus created ?Undertaking? finalized by Estrada on Standefers arrival inside Manila, because President Estrada was no longer president! The Surigao Del Norte Prosecutor as well as the Dapa RTC Judge equally proceeded found on the death penalty case plus refused bail, citing the pending death penalty because the cause because it’s a no-bail offence. Estrada was concerned with Ryll plus Morgan because he got into workplace. The salvage of the Japanese shipwreck may NOT PROCEED without his aid as well as the extradition of Standefer couldn’t have happened without his full involvement plus assistance)

?It worked plus it led to the smooth extradition of Standefer,? mentioned Nida Blanca murder case spokesman Lawyer Ric Diaz whom is moreover the bureau?s International Police division chief.

(SMOOTH? It took the Philippine government plus Karl Ryll 2 years; expense them tens of thousands of $ (Including big bribes by Ryll to Indonesian authorities, as well as the totally fake case was dismissed inside sixty days of Standefers arrival inside the Philippines. Is this a effective, legal, plus SMOOTH extradition?

It certain had been a ?ploy?, that is truly the only true statement created here by the NBI.)

Diaz explained which the President has the force to commute a convict?s sentence plus this might perfectly be employed inside the case of Strunk.

(Sure, only like Standefer! Whenever they receive Strunk plus Ang to the Philippines they might do any they need, charge them with any they need, including providing them the death penalty! Again!)

NBI Director Reynaldo Wycoco had accepted the uncertainty of Strunk?s potential extradition. However he, too, is confident a government-to-government speak can confirm fruitful inside the finish.

Strunk left the nation last summer to see his ailing mom whom died even before he arrived inside the US. He was reportedly living with relatives inside California.

Diaz mentioned his being inside California will additionally be a plus element for the NBI.

(Another lay for the NBI, because it makes NO DIFFERENCE where Strunk is, because this might be a United States federal government matter (Simply like Atong ?Charlie? Ang case is!)

Atong Ang is within a Nevada jail because everyone knows! He was arrested there plus he is beneath United States Federal jurisdiction, plus there is a wise possibility which the Standefer case could cause Ang?s winning his extradition case, too!)

?I learned which the state of California has death penalty for convicts of heinous offences,? he mentioned.

(So what? What does this need to do with anything? Strunk is NOT topic to California law inside this case, just United States Federal law. The NBI is really striving to confuse the problem!)

Meanwhile, the NBI as well as the National Police Criminal Investigation Group has stepped up the manhunt for another prime suspect, Vicente ?Dodong? Polinar, following getting reports he was spotted inside Bukidnon.

Authorities inside the province reported seeing him driving a Mitsubishi Gallant that was allegedly utilized inside casing Blanca a week before she was murdered about November 7 last year.

A experience, Alfredo Rodriguez, said he was hired by Polinar plus Philip Medel Jr. because their driver inside tailing Blanca.

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