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Arrest warrant offers details from Jordan homicide investigation

In an arrest warrant for Danny Jordan obtained by KCBD, the Lubbock Police Department lays out a detailed timeline, "to outline the probable cause which Danny Mack Jordan committed the act of unlawful homicide inside causing the death of Shelley Myers Jordan.
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One of my neighbors was busted by the nearby Sheriff for possession of marijuana. She was 17 at the time plus was to appear inside courtroom shortly. She didn’t end up going, plus I could just assume a warrant was issued. She’s today 19. This happened inside LA County plus I cannot discover a method to look up warrants inside the location. However I’ve heard it will have been overturned whenever she turned 18, and which the mistake might lay along with her parents. However her parents mentioned they not received any sees following she decided to skip out about courtroom.

If the warrant is active nevertheless, how might it be solved? Is there a method to turn herself inside plus pay the bail amount, or might she need to invest jail time? Is there any free means of seeing when she has a warrant for her arrest?

Answer by ron s
call a attorney, the orginal charges could have been no fuss however, the failure to appear can be more of the head pain today.

Answer by Larry H
there is a statute of restrictions about many offences however murder. Meaning they legally have just thus extended to arrest plus try we for a crime. However only turning 18 doesn’t usually receive we from difficulties we got into before. If the crime was bad enough they can hold we till 21. And when especially bad they is kept because an adult. Its as much as every state for everything mentioned

Answer by chris_cruise_icon
The Failure To Appear charge for not showing up is the issue. Tell her to turn herself inside plus receive it taken care of, otherwise it’ll merely receive worse.