How To Tell If There Is A Warrant For Your Arrest

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how to tell if there is a warrant for your arrest

A pal told me a tale about how he was arrested for allowing late costs to accumulate at a regional movie rental shop in our city. I reside in Indiana, definitely every single condition has its personal legal guidelines regarding this. He was arrested right after being pulled over for a small traffic offense (that wouldn’t warrant an arrest). Sounds fishy to me, any solutions?

Reply by trooper3316
Sounds quite fishy.

You indication a contractual agreement with the video clip retailer, so it is a subject for little statements courtroom, or a collections agency, but not a matter of felony law.

You will not be arrested for late charges.

Solution by Belinda W
Unlikely – they would most likely use a financial debt collection agency.

Answer by duh
they would charge the credit history card that you had to have to get a rental card