How Long Does It Take For An Arrest Warrant To Be Issued

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A felony arrest warrant was issued Thursday for Michael Peter Oneill Jr., 32, of Ripon on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, along with enhancements associated with road rage. The incident occurred Oct. 4 about 4 p.m. during heavy traffic …
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I did a runner when I got screwed over by my work. They accused me of stealing 3.5k by doing false refunds, but someone was doing them under my till ID. I didnt want to go to jail for something i didnt do so left the country and work in another country. I have heard that arrest warrants are only valid for a certain period for smaller crimes. Anyone with any helpful info would be appreciated!

Answer by John R
I can only speak in generalities, but the statute of limitations on crimes refers to the time before you can be CHARGED with a crime. For instance, a theft like that might have a 2 year statute of limitations, which means if they haven’t charged you after 2 years, they no longer can. However, if there is an actual arrest warrant, that clock stops. The charge has been made, and that generally can go on until the accused is arrested. That way, running from the law isn’t a way to avoid the charge.

This is a serious situation, and you should contact a lawyer directly to see how you can clear this up. Especially in this post 9/11 world, having an outstanding warrant can cause you a lot of problems, and you’d best do whatever you can to clear it up.

Answer by Ed Atun
. They are valid for the life of the criminal. Otherwise everyone would run away for 3 years and then smile.