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June 7th, 2012

Simply whenever we thought MADD’s “War about Drunk Driving” had reached the limits of sanity….

Man Sues Police Over ‘Forced Catheterization”

Salt Lake City, UT. May 24 – A 22-year-old university student has filed an $ 11 million federal suit against authorities inside central Utah, declaring they forced a catheter inside him following he refused to consent to a look for marijuana…

“I don’t think it’s right what they did,” Cook told FOX 13 about Thursday. “I’m very certain they’re doing it to others. They created me feel like an animal.”

The past Snow College student mentioned he was smoking with neighbors back inside 2008 whenever authorities contacted their auto, parked about a roadside inside Ephraim. His suit, filed inside February inside U.S. District Court, claims authorities searched the young males plus their car. The authorities reported they can smell marijuana, yet couldn’t discover any throughout a look, Cook claims.

After a K-9 nonetheless couldn’t discover marijuana, an officer popped the torso plus found a glass pipe inside. Cook claims the officers then asked him to drive his friend’s vehicle to the authorities station.

“If somebody’s below the influence of marijuana, the last thing you need to do is place them inside a auto plus drive,” mentioned Cook’s lawyer, Lindsay Jarvis. “That goes against each statute the state has, so that’s where it gets a small frustrating plus it gets from control from there.”

Cook mentioned he believed which following driving his friend’s auto to the authorities station, he thought he will be free to go. Instead, he was submit a carrying mobile plus officers need he take a drug test.

“I asked for an lawyer considering I didn’t learn when this was right what they were doing,” he mentioned. “Once I did which, they mentioned ‘We’re getting a look warrant thus we’re going to have a urine by the finish of the evening.’ “

Police obtained the warrant, his suit claims, as well as forced him to Sanpete Valley Hospital. After being told a catheter will be inserted into his body to get urine, Cook mentioned he mentioned he might consent to offering a test however became “nervous” plus couldn’t urinate.

“The nurse told (an officer) to hold my shoulders, thus he held my shoulders plus then your nurse undid my trousers, wiped me down with iodine plus place the tube inside me,” Cook told FOX 13. “And then they took me to jail.”

Cook was arrested for marijuana possession plus resisting arrest. Jarvis mentioned the resisting arrest charge was for refusing to provide a urine test. She accused authorities of “bullying” individuals with forced catheterization.

“This really is being utilized because a punishment to test plus receive those to comply,” she mentioned. “Instead of employ a easy blood test, they’re forcibly catheterizing they.”

Forced catheterization is a reasonably brand-new problem inside the courts. A synonymous suit was filed with a female inside 2008 against authorities inside neighboring Sevier County. It was dismissed following a federal judge ruled the officers acted without malice plus their aim was to “bring her to justice” for the charges she was facing at the time…

“I wish those to be accountable for what they did,” Cook mentioned.

Should you think this incident inside 2008 is an isolated 1, you are amazed to find that forced catheterization for urine samples is a growing DUI law enforcement technique. See, for illustration, Catheter Forced Up P enis After DUI Arrest (Washington) plus DUI Cops Inspired by CIA? (Indiana). Forced draws of blood with syringes have absolutely become a staple inside the “War” – including draws with syringes selected by the police themselves: Taking Blood by Force, Forced Blood Draws by Cops Spreading plus Blood Draws inside the Backseat by the Dashboard Light.

Answer by BIKER DUDE
In the state of Ohio plus other states which have passes DUID regulations it functions the same because a dui. If you reject to urinate for them then you’re automatically charged with driving below the influence of drugs. It absolutely is a sad amount of time in this nation whenever authorities will look plus harass individuals at will. They will create we jump from hoops to confirm the innocence whenever we have performed nothing incorrect or show no noticeable signs of impairment. Many folks enjoy little amounts of marijuana inside the confidentiality of their own homes plus it is very a mino misdimeaner plus legal inside several states. Marijuana remains inside a program for lengthy periods of time plus you are able to nevertheless fail the urine test whether or not we have not smoked inside a week. Folks have to be more concerned inside politics plus stop electing folks because lawmakers that write these unfair regulations which not see a ballot.

Answer by Sir Studley Smugley
That sounds like an unreasonable “look plus seizure.” Aside from being rather invasive, wrong catheterization may damage the urethra and/or introduce bacteria which could damage the bladder. There’s a annoying trend towards invasive procedures, like the transvaginal ultrasound exams whenever a female requests a pregnancy termination. It’s virtually like the State is asserting it’s “rights” over the body.

Forcing foreign objects up people’s urethras considering police don’t wish To wait for the all-natural functions of the person’s body to offer the test they wish, MUST be somehow illegal.

If I were a constitutional attorney, I’d be all over which – plus I might do it pro bono. However it’s a prime illustration of out-of-control police struggling to bully civilians.Welcome to the Fourth Reich.

Answer by bluechristy
I reside inside the south West though Not Utah plus Az that are wise states to avoid . Unless a individual arises to like Nazi kind states nbut we greater keep the forms handy