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arrest warrant wisconsin

My ex has 3 warrants for his arrest here in wisconsin. One for child support, for over $ 2k, and another 2 are simply capias warrants, meaning if he were to pay them they would go away right?
He moved to Texas a week before they were all filed with the court. Does that mean he is untouchable in texas, or can wisconsin warrants be served/fulfilled through their law enforcement?
Just curious how that works.

Answer by Zach
If Wisconsin is willing to extradite him from Texas, he cannot escape them from any state he enters and can be arrested by any law enforcement agency anywhere in the US.

Answer by divot II
Generally alleged misdemeanants don’t get extradited, however felons may, depending on the seriousness of the alleged offense.

Answer by George McCasland
No as than it becomes a federal felony. Only mothers get away with that.