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Arrest Warrant Wisconsin

arrest warrant wisconsin

Madison, WI (PRWEB) February 27, 2004

In the wake of Wisconsin Attorney Gen. Peg Lautenschlager?s announcement Wednesday that she has no plans to resign after her drunk driving arrest, a call is going out for the state?s top law enforcement official to turn a judicious eye on her own actions.

Lautenschlager, 48, was cited for first-offense drunken driving after putting her state-owned car in a ditch late Monday night along U.S. 151 in Dodge County, Wisc. The Dodge County Sheriff is currently offering videotape copies of Lautenschlager?s most recent arrest for a fee of $ 50.00, according to news reports Wednesday afternoon.

?I just hope that Mrs. Lautenschlager gets the professional help that she needs,? stated Richard M. Krawczyk, Ph.D., President and Founder of Global Daily Pay, Inc. “Under the circumstances, one must believe she is being heavily introspective on her future in law enforcement.”

In addition to her drunken driving problem, allegations have recently been disclosed of a pattern of unfair business practices, including the violation of constitutional rights by the Attorney General?s Office after Lautenschlager illegally shut down the company Global Daily Pay without a restraining order, as required by law.

Court documents reveal that on August 1, 2003, Wisconsin Asst. Attorney General Juan B. Colas authorized a criminal search warrant to “immediately cease making the website of available for access via the internet until further court order.” A Temporary Restraining Order must be sought in a civil proceeding to allow companies the opportunity to defend themselves. By denying the company its day in court, the search warrant violated the company’s constitutional rights to due process. Additionally, Colas compelled the Global Daily Pay’s web hosting provider, Wisc.-based WorkDigital, to violate the court order and place an unauthorized statement on the Global Daily Pay website.

To make matters worse, Brian Rieselman, a communications officer for the Wisconsin Department of Justice, stated in a recent interview with In Business Las Vegas that Wisconsin officials will fight any civil action Global Daily Pay plans to file. ?We see that it really has no merit,? claims Rieselman, even though court documents filed by the State clearly reveal otherwise. Lautenschlager?s office will not comment on the legality of the Temporary Restraining Order that caused the shutdown of Global Daily Pay.

In a move that would allow future litigation, several distributors of the network-marketing company Global Daily Pay, Inc., a Nevada corporation, officially filed Notices of Claim against the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Attorney General Peggy A. Lautenschlager, Assistant Attorney General Juan B. Colas, and Special Agent Kyra M. Schallhorn for violations of unfair business practices, fraud, negligence, disruption of business, and loss of revenue in the amount of $ 158.5 million based on the violation of constitutional rights.

Over 30,000 consumers have become victims of Lautenschlager?s office by the illegal shutdown of the Global Daily Pay website.

?It certainly smells funny,? stated Maverick Media spokesperson Michael Taylor. ?I?m surprised they refuse to comment on the legalities of their Temporary Restraining Order. We fully support any independent actions initiated by our independent representatives to litigate this matter in order to right a legal wrongdoing perpetrated by Lautenschlager?s office. Our representatives are just protecting their constitutional rights.?

?Wisconsinites deserve the highest standards of integrity and professionalism from the state?s top law enforcement officials,? Krawczyk said. ?She must lead by example.?

Lautenschlager had a blood alcohol level of 0.12 percent according to a preliminary breath test, the Associated Press and other news outlets said Wednesday. That amounts to 50% above Wisconsin’s legal blood-alcohol limit is 0.08 percent. She refused to submit to a blood test on three separate occasions. The attorney general was fined $ 784 for the civil violation and had her driver’s license revoked for a minimum of six months. She pleaded guilty to operating a vehicle while intoxicated in a hearing on Thursday morning and vows to take full responsibility for her ?terrible mistake.?

Lautenschlager told the Associated Press that she has no intention of stepping down. ?I don?t have any plans to resign,? she said. Court records reveal that she has also been stopped for speeding four times since 1995.

This continuing reckless behavior should concern Wisconsinites as she continues to present herself as the state?s ?top cop.? A simple ?I?m sorry? may not be good enough to satisfy residents at this point. Especially, if taxpayers get stuck with a $ 158.5 million bill due to her negligence.

Recent history has shown that the Attorney General?s office is a stepping stone to becoming Governor of Wisconsin. Lautenschlager was elected to a four-year term in 2002. Due to recent events, her re-election is far from certain.

Lautenschlager, who until recently has been considered a rising star and source of steadfast backing in the Democratic Party, has seen her political credibility severely damaged when she recently chaired former Vermont Governor Howard Dean?s failed bid for the Democratic nomination for president. Dean dropped out of the race after a dismal showing in the Wisconsin primary, the unprecedented spending of millions of dollars with little to show for his efforts and a plea for public help to pay his campaign debts.


Global Daily Pay, Inc. (?GDP?) is a Nevada Corporation that began business operations on February 20, 2003. Global Daily Pay is a network marketing company (otherwise referred to as MLM ? Multi Level Marketing). GDP?s products are marketed over the Internet and via word-of-mouth advertising. Most of the products offered by the GDP are electronic in format (e.g. eBooks, eLibraries). GDP’s products do not contain any ?hard cost? such as production, shipping and handling since they are digital. This enabled Global Daily Pay to pay the highest commission rate to its distributors in the industry.

Through an innovative compensation plan, Global Daily Pay used a sophisticated computer program that tracked all orders, determined who was eligible to receive commissions, and pay distributors daily on an international ATM/Debit Card. This daily pay feature on a debit card was a first in the network marketing industry.

In order to protect all distributors and customers, Global Daily Pay employed the services of an outside administrator to manage the day-to-day operations of GDP. The Rhinelander, Wisconsin-based WorkDigital, Inc. was chosen as administrator. WorkDigital also provided web-hosting services for GDP.


Michael Taylor

Maverick Media


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