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Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) January 07, 2013

Warrant records are information that is available to public as per the Freedom of Information Act from the U.S. government. A public warrant records search will provide detailed information on a person’s arrest status. If the person was ever involved or was suspected of criminal activity it could be found in this report.

Information like this is available through various public information search engines like the new company This new website search engine gathers and archives information from state or federal court records. It is updated regularly to ensure to provide maximum accuracy.

A warrant report contains an individuals personal information, when the crime took place, when the individual was arrested and what is the current status of the case. One should understand that arrest records do not make a person guilty.

In general, most of the warrant status crimes involve violence, traffic violation, robbery, theft, drug abuse, physical abuse, child abuse, murder, business related fraud and so on. Those who access this information should be wary of how they use it.

Unless and until the person has been convicted, the arrest could be a total fault. Judging a person or misusing the information to embarrass the individual is a serious offence. advises all consumers who access warrant statuses to use the information wisely and according to the law.

About provides clients with quick and simple warrant check searches. Reports can also include other background information like driving records and other public records. To contact customer service email josh(at)warrantcheck(dot)com or visit the website for more information.