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I live in NH. I am just wondering how these things work. Isn’t someone supposed to notify a person if there is a bench warrant out on them? If so, who would that be?
It’s weird though, because my son called the police station about a person whom he thought might have a warrant out for her arrest and they told him that she did. So it is made public to anyone but the person herself is unaware? Strange.

Answer by rickinnocal

You don’t tell people when there’s a warrant out for them, because then they hide.

“So it is made public to anyone but the person herself is unaware?”

It’s public to everyone, including the subject. If you think you might have a warrant you can call the court or cops and ask, and they will usually tell you. (The cops are allowed to lie to you – “No, no warrant for you”.. and then come arest you.) They just don’t warn people. People who know they have warrants avoid the cops, making it harder to arrest them.


Answer by Teekno
The officer arresting the person for a bench warrant will tell them.

I mean, you don’t get a bench warrant unless you ignore something the court as already told you to do. It’s never really a surprise.

Answer by Killer Queen
You should be notified that you have a pending charge and if you don’t comply then a warrant will be issued. Or if you have grand jury indictment, you definitely will find out. But I have seen those who ignored a wrong doing and then got stopped for a traffic violation and were arrested.