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My boyfriend was arrested for wake county and mecklenburg county but his bond was unsecured for meck county where we stay. They had been still holding him for wake county, he had a court docket day for these days and they did not select him up how long can they keep him?

Solution by sammael_coh
Probably only as prolonged as it will take them to arrive and get him. There is no hard restrict on this stuff.Most jails don’t want to hold yet another county’s inmate any more time than they have to, but that doesn’t suggest they are likely to kick him unfastened both.

Reply by xoxoshaniquexoxo
I do not know how it is the place you live, but my boyfriend experienced to hold out over a Month ahead of the other county picked him up. He skipped like 3 court dates because of it and then had to go and explain that to the courts lead to they had a warrant out for him! U would feel with him being in the method and all that they would KNOW the place he was at. But they are so unorganized its preposterous! They failed to even give him time served since it was in a Various county! Good luck to you and your boyfriend! Because of the stupid courts and technique, he finished up missing our daughters start 🙁 I know its difficult, but he’ll be house quickly…just phone equally jails, communicate to everyone who will pay attention and make clear to them the circumstance. Don’t just permit it slide till THEY are ready. Cause he will get missing in the method.

Answer by chowchowsrbeautiful
This appears like a conversation dilemma amongst the two counties. The county who is keeping him will hold him right up until the other county contacts them to enable them know what is going on in his scenario. You can possibly contact the other county to ask what is likely on. You may possibly be able to shell out a bond to get him out.

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