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Florida (PRWEB) April 14, 2012

According to the arrest report, the defendant was involved in a traffic accident in 2007. Investigation of the case included a blood alcohol test that took several weeks to conclude. The drivers blood alcohol level came back at nearly three times the legal limit, and the State Attorneys office filed charges for DUI against him.

The State made no attempt to serve the arrest warrant, and the driver was not arrested until five years later, at which time he contacted the law firm of Finebloom & Haenel for representation. DUI defense attorney Darren Finebloom immediately filed a motion to dismiss based upon a violation of the Statute of Limitations, which places a time limit under which prosecution must commence. According to the court documents, after hearing arguments from the State and from Attorney Finebloom, the judge dismissed the DUI charges against Finebloom & Haenels client.

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Darren Finebloom

DUI and criminal defense attorney Darren Finebloom combines extensive trial experience with a personal commitment to protecting his clients rights. Finebloom holds the highest rating by Martindale-Hubbell and has been given a Superb (10 out of 10) rating by clients and peers on attorney rating service A former Public Defender for the 12th Judicial Circuit in Florida, he currently serves as president of the Sarasota chapter of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Finebloom has a degree in Criminology from Florida State University and graduated with honors from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.

Finebloom & Haenel, P.A.

Founded in 2004, Finebloom & Haenel, P.A. is a Florida criminal defense law firm, representing more than 150 drivers charged with DUI annually. Its team of aggressive attorneys also fights cases involving traffic tickets, drug charges, juvenile offenses, battery and other crimes. Telephone calls are answered seven days a week, and case consultations are free. Based in Tampa and Sarasota, the firm also has offices throughout Florida in Clearwater and Orlando. For more information about the firm or to contact criminal defense attorney Darren Finebloom, call (800) FIGHT-IT (1-800-344-4848).

I just foubd out I got a outstanding warrant in norristown pa but I live in phila pa if I turn myself in will they arrest me? Phila cops stopped me and said they didn’t want me at this time and if they want me they will come get me. What do I do

Answer by Hammer
Hire a lawyer and he’ll get it taken care of.

Answer by Will R
Your best option is to call the place were the warrant was issued and ask them what needs to be done to clear this up and explain to them you don’t live there. If you found out about this being stopped and were not arrested and held for them to come get you then it’s not worth there time and money to get you they will wait to see you in there jurisdiction. In that case you maybe able to pay A fine by mail.

Answer by Badge203
Norristown didn’t want to pay the expense to send an officer to get you is the only reason why you were let go. If they wanted you bad enough, you would have been arrested and held until Norristown Police came to get you

The ONLY way to get rid of this is to turn yourself in, be processed, spend a night in jail, go to court pay our fine and the warrant costs and then your done

It is past the point of even just paying it, the warrant says you have to be arrested