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Seven Arrested In Traveling Fraud Scheme [GALLERY]

The suspects have ties to Tampa- FL, Hillsborough County- FL, and Clearwater- FL. … Vernon Hobbs: Grand Theft, Bank Fraud, Organized Scheme to Defraud under $ 20,000, and Driving While License Suspended or Revoked with Knowledge (Warrant).
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My husband was arrested in Hillsborough County, FL on a worthless check charge that’s 13 years old. The warrant was out of Duval County, FL. We had to pay $ 853 ($ 753 bond and $ 100 bail bondsman fee..?) to get him out of jail.

He went to court and the entire case was dismissed. How do we go about getting the money back? Since it was dropped I am assuming that the bail bondsman keeps their $ 100 “fee?” but what about the $ 753? How do I get that back? And who does it come from? The Clerk or the bail bondsman? Back to me in the form of a check or back to the credit cards that I put it on?

We paid the entire amount – not a percentage. We were told we’d get it back at the end of the case (which it has been dismissed…so it’s ended!)….I just don’t know who we get it back from.


Answer by Jack B
I don’t think you get it back .Call the judge , in his case .

Answer by grammy
I would call the count clerk and ask that question I have no idea. Usually money goes back to the credit card unless it was taken out as cash.

Answer by David G
You should have asked befor you posted bail