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Two arrested in Pasco murder

The suspects — Robert Xavier Goodie, 62, of Hudson, and Debra Hostnick, 54, of Spring Hill — were arrested on warrants around 3 a.m. in Hillsborough County and were being held in the Hillsborough jail, the Sheriff's Office said. Authorities said that …

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) May 13, 2011

A Florida warrant was dismissed and the charges dropped in case number 88-CF-010718 in the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit of Hillsborough County when the State Prosecutor realized his witnesses would not be able to pursue burglary charges against Tampa Criminal Attorney Will Hanlon’s client. The facts alleged that the defendant (client) had broken into someones home and stolen various items. When the victim failed to secure the proper documentation to pursue the case, the outstanding warrant and the accompanying charge were dismissed.

Many times, Tampa criminal attorney, Will Hanlon has brought about the dismissal of Florida warrants after discovering the prosecutors criminal charge was too old or too weak to pursue. Discovering the circumstances surrounding the underlying charge to the warrant can many times lead to the release of the client in an out-of-state, or out-of-county jail. The scenario usually plays out in the following manner: A defendant is arrested on a criminal charge. For one reason or another, he leaves the jurisdiction without resolving the criminal charge pending against him. The accused may leave the county or the state. Either way the unresolved criminal charge becomes a ticking time bomb. How does this happen? The Court inevitably issues a warrant for the defendants arrest when the case is called and the defendant is not present in court to address his charges.

In the short term, the defendant may avoid the warrant and the arrest that goes with it. However, a warrant, especially a felony warrant, can create unbelievable hardship on someone if it is executed on him or her outside the jurisdiction of the court. The farther away from the jurisdiction of the court the more difficult the situation becomes.

What makes it more difficult? When someone is arrested on a warrant outside the jurisdiction they have to be transported by the county that issued the warrant. “If your warrant was issued by Hillsborough county you will remain in the county jail of the arresting jurisdiction until arrangements by the proper authorities to transport you. If the arresting jurisdiction is out of state it could be weeks before you are actually transported,” says Hanlon.

Typically, most people do not fight jurisdiction on an out-of-state warrant when they are arrested out-of-state. “I am not recommending that as a strategy to deal with the warrant. However, most people realize that waiving jurisdiction will speed up the transportation process,” Hanlon says.

The best scenario for any criminal defendant is to avoid arrest on the warrant by retaining a criminal lawyer. This approach allows the criminal defendant to resolve the warrant outside of jail. There are times when the defendant can even avoid surrendering himself to the jurisdiction of the court. In the case above the State Attorney dismissed the charges and the warrant when they learned there was no way to prosecute the case.

The message is clear. Hanlon advises not to wait until you have been arrested on a warrant to retain a tampa criminal attorney. There are ways to avoid arrest and incarceration.

Will Hanlon has been a Tampa criminal attorney for over 15 years. He practices in Tampa and across central Florida. He grew up in the Tampa area. His result oriented approach and familiarity with the system has created successful results in thousands of clients. For more information go to


TAMPA — An illegal immigrant deputies were searching for since an hours-long standoff in Carrollwood on Friday night was caught in a stakeout late Saturday.

Victor Hugo Benavides, 39, was arrested on warrants for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest and violation of a domestic violence injunction. He was being held in the Hillsborough County jail, where the U.S. for Immigrations and Customs Enforcement placed a hold on him.

He is a felon who had previously been deported but reentered the county illegally, the Sheriff’s Office said.

It started Friday night when deputies responded to a call about a fight in the front yard of 5110 Lawnton Court. The caller reported there were three men in the yard, one of whom was brandishing a shotgun. That man was later identified as Benavides.

Deputies stopped the two other men as they left and determined they were victims. During that time, several people gathered on the front lawn of the Lawnton Court house but ran inside when deputies approached.

From the front yard, deputies said they heard what sounded like the pumping action of a shotgun and called for backup. They then blocked off the house and began trying to make contact with the people inside.

Neighbors told deputies they thought they saw one of the suspects run out the back door.

Members of the county’s SWAT team responded and continued negotiations with people inside the house for several hours.

Finally, deputies said, two women, 31-year-old Aisel Burgos and 42-year-old Lara Villavicencio, came outside with four children. Deputies said the women were uncooperative and refused to give information about who else was still inside. About an hour and a half later, another woman, 27-year-old Glenda Gallego, came outside and also was uncooperative.

Answer by Wendle L
good learning experience

Answer by Joel W
It may well be a good learning experience. But the cultural shock of dealing with the illegal aliens is growing as they come out of the shadows, and fight the law with weapons. I think a lot of the newspapers that have supported the illegal aliens over the Citizens of this country are growing slightly panicked as things get worse and worse.